The Good, the bad and the not so nice at the WTA Final and the Rolex Paris Masters

Season's end is coming and for some players it may be bittersweet. But for others it may be the greatest treat they could welcome to get rest and relaxation after a hectic year.

The Good, the bad and the not so nice at the WTA Final and the Rolex Paris Masters
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"In the wind,it's tough to be aggressive as you want...the bounces are weird...glad I made the adjustment and didn't get too frustrated..." Coco Gauff said on playing against Marketa Vondrousova in the round robin quarterfinals.

The women were not only trying to win against their opponent, but the wind in Cancun, Mexico's courts. The weather was not kind to the players and fans as matches were constantly interrupted by downpours and wind. Coco had a stint with her doubles partner Jessie Pegula and didn't win that battle.

But Pegula had questions for the media and all. "I don't know why people say I don't hit hard, because I do. Maybe the press when watching looks like I'm hitting soft." She took it with a smile but at the same time perplexed.

In Paris at the Rolex Paris Masters, the men weren't as much bothered by the weather because it's an indoor event, but unreasonable scheduling of matches as well as their competitors' strategies were difficult to handle and to capture a victory.

Grigor Dimitrov came up smiling and happy as he defeated Daniil Medvedev, Herbert Hurkacz and Stefanos Tsitsipas to get in the final with Novak Djokovic. It was the first 1000 level that Dimitrov has been in a final in nearly seven years.

He was up against Tsitsipas who wasn't giving him an easy time. The Bulgarian was glad he got the win saing "there were no tears but I got very emotional...Happy I was able to get through that match..." Despite the fact of Tsitsipas not winning, Grigor gave him kudos saying "I took those chances and that was all I could do against such a high-quality player." Italy's Jannik Sinner pleased on his performance getting to round of 32 and winning over Mackenzie McDonald in three gritty sets which ended nearly 3 in the morning.

He showed his disapproval of tournament organizers who went on to schedule his next match with Alex deMinaur for 4pm the same day. Unreasonable, Sinner decided to withdraw from the entire tournament for his own health and well being.

"I had less than 12 hours to rest and prepare. I have to make the right decision for my health and my body," Jannik said totally annoyed. Most top 10 players look forward to the ATP Final and do not want to jeopardize their health for the final and the Davis Cup.

"The weeks coming up are very important with the ATP Finals at home and the Davis Cup...I will focus on preparing for these..." Sinner said and began packing his bags to leave Paris. Novak Djokovic wasn't on the nice side of the fans despite his victories as he was booed to the hilt for telling the umpire he shouldn't have allowed Holger Rune to argue a call too late.

"He played the shot, he saw it went out, then he challenged it," Djokovic point out to the umpire. But he lost that fight when the umpire said "that's my judgment." It wasn't granted for the supervisor to be called as the Serb verbally protested.

Daniil Medvedev didn't get any friendly support from the crowd either as he was booed nearly throughout the match against Grigor Dimitrov who'd claimed the victory. The fans protested that Medvedev gave the middle finger to the crowd as reciprocal for him being booed during the match.

The end of the season is approaching and has created some great, entertaining matches . They were also some emotionally draining and feisty ones too. Everyone knows what was, but the new 2024 season may be even more captivating for the entire tennis community very soon.

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