A fan called Lindsey Vonn 'un-American' for congrats Swiatek who defeated Pegula

The beautiful North American alpine skier she was forced to respond to a fan who falsely accused her of being 'un-American'

by Lorenzo Ciotti
A fan called Lindsey Vonn 'un-American' for congrats Swiatek who defeated Pegula
© Arturo Holmes / Staff Getty Images Entertainment

Iga Swiatek triumphed at the WTA Finals 2023 in Cancun, also receiving compliments from former North American alpine skier Lindsey Vonn. However, the beautiful Lindsey was criticized by a user on social media due to her support for the Polish new world no.1.

In fact, on X many a fan have unfairly accused Vonn of being happy for the defeat of her countrywoman Jessica Pegula, forcing the former skier to justify herself on X. In the post, Lindsey wrote to Iga: "Yessssss!!!!! Go @iga_swiatek go!!!!!!" Iga and Lindsey are very good friends, which is precisely why Vonn's post came about.

"Strange that an American is happy about the defeat of another American,” wrote the X user. In response, Vonn emphasized the right to simply be happy for her friend's success. "Can I just be happy that my friend won a tournament? Jeez Louise, smh," she replied.

Iga Swiatek after her success at the WTA Finals: "I didn't expect it"

With a fantastic week to say the least, Polish tennis player Iga Swiatek proved to everyone that she is back in great shape.

After the match Iga spoke like this: "Being back number one in the world is definitely a dream come true. I would say that after this season I didn't expect to return to this position at the end of the year, I was already thinking about next year and returning to Well.

Instead I played a great tournament, this is proof that working hard and focusing on the right things pays off in the end. I can say that I'm really happy." After the knockout at the US Open Iga appeared almost destroyed, disappointed after a rather difficult year.

Now several consecutive successes have arrived and the tennis player has won the WTA 1000 in Beijing and the WTA Finals in Cancun. Jessica Pegula also praised the new number one's performance: "She was pretty solid, she played, putting pressure on me from start to finish.

She was hard on me, but I don't know why. But it was one of those days where I felt in difficulty and I can't understand the real reason. I'm happy with how this week went, a response to the rest of the season. I hope that this 2023 will be useful as an experience for the future."