Naomi Osaka rips 'no-lifers': Want a job application?


Naomi Osaka rips 'no-lifers': Want a job application?
Naomi Osaka rips 'no-lifers': Want a job application? © Getty Images Sport - Mark Metcalfe

Naomi Osaka has seemingly taken a very strong shot at "no-lifers" who love to throw too much criticism and doubt her way. Osaka, a four-time Grand Slam champion, has become one of the biggest advocates for athletes' mental health over the last few years.

In some of her statements, Osaka urged people to think twice before posting something or making a comment about an athlete on social media. "It’s always people with no life talking (expletive) about others. Like damn, do you want me to give you a job application?" Osaka wrote on X.

Not the first time that Osaka calls out critics and doubters

Osaka, who skipped the entire 2023 season due to pregnancy, noticed some claiming that she would never return to her old level after pregnancy.

"Btw to the people that are suddenly concerned about my career. There are plenty of male athletes with kids that are significantly less accomplished, you might wanna worry about them instead. Thanks for the concern, might wanna redirect it to someone that needs it though.

Not trying to make this a male and female thing but let’s be fr," Osaka wrote on X in May. Meanwhile, Osaka's return is going as planned. Last week, Osaka was announced for the Brisbane International in the first week of the 2024 season.

When former world No 1 Osaka returns, her goal will be to land more Grand Slam titles and also return to the world No 1 spot. "She’s super motivated and I’m super pumped to help her. She inspires the whole team with this champion mindset: she just wants to go for it.

I’m hoping her opponents will read this and get a little bit afraid of her! Where she is today is what makes working with her so inspiring. She wants to get back to world No 1, she wants to win Grand Slams," Osaka's performance coach Florian Zitzelsberger recently told Tennis Channel.

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