Nick Kyrgios gives very candid take on Andrey Rublev cutting knee with racket hits

Kyrgios asked about Rublev's stunning ATP Finals meltdown.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios gives very candid take on Andrey Rublev cutting knee with racket hits
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Nick Kyrgios described Andrey Rublev's stunning meltdown in Turin as "crazy" as even the Australian was shocked to see the Russian taking out the frustration on his knee and risking a potentially serious injury. Down by a set and a break to Carlos Alcaraz in their ATP Finals match, Rublev absolutely lost it and six times smashed his racket onto his knee.

When the knee got bloodied, Rublev stopped and received a medical intervention. Fortunately for Rublev, nothing serious happened to his knee as he was able to play out the entire match. Kyrgios, who was making his broadcasting debut for Tennis Channel, was asked to address the Rublev situation. "I mean, from someone who doesn’t hold their composure pretty well, like myself, this is crazy.

I’ve never done that, to be honest. I mean, he needs a knee. He needs to move. I hope he’s all right for his next match. Let me say that much," Kyrgios said on Tennis Channel when asked about Rublev's stunning meltdown.

Kyrgios stunned by Rublev's 'crazy' moment

After picking up a 5-7 2-6 loss to Alcaraz, Rublev confirmed his knee was fine. “It’s OK. I get disappointed and couldn’t manage," Rublev said after the match. Also, Rublev admitted that he allowed the emotions to get the better of him.

“It’s not easy to take these defeats because I really wanted to finish the season well. Sometimes, when things don’t work out, it’s inevitable to be disappointed and today, I didn’t know how to handle it.

No matter who I face, I never want to lose and even more so since the season is over and I haven’t been able to show the best of myself in this tournament. It’s very disappointing that I was not able to manage my frustration better," Rublev said. Rublev will play Alexander Zverev on Friday before his season officially ends.

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