A former tennis star defends Jannik Sinner from haters

Social media users and several Italian media unfairly attacked the young world no.4 before the match with Holger Rune: a former colleague of his took his defense

by Lorenzo Ciotti
A former tennis star defends Jannik Sinner from haters
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Jannik Sinner demonstrated a professionalism worthy of a great champion. Already qualified for the semi-finals of the ATP Finals, the young Italian faced the match against Holger Rune with seriousness and desire to win. Sinner beat his Danish rival in three sets, eliminating him from the tournament and qualifying, at the same time, Novak Djokovic for the semifinals.

And to think that some Italian users (and some media) had put forward the hypothesis of Sinner's defeat being artfully done, in order to qualify Rune and eliminate Djokovic, his most fearsome opponent. But Sinner gave a real lesson to the mentality that some Italians are often accused of having.

The mentality of the smartest in sports. Jannik played until the end, even struggling with some physical problems, to beat Rune. Furthermore, thanks to this victory, Sinner beat the only Top 10 player he had yet to beat in his career.

Yet users and the media were already criticizing him before the match with the Dane.

Paolo Bertolucci defends Sinner and he rips his haters

In the last few hours several haters have accused Jannik of having sinned due to lack of malice, not taking advantage of the chance of being able to eliminate world number 1 Novak Djokovic from the tournament, an opponent who could now find himself in the final.

Jannik gave his all, even when he wasn't at his best from the middle of the second set. Former tennis player Paolo Bertolucci shared a post on Bertolucci wrote: "Unassailable, because of the victory he is accused of not having thought to oust Djokovic from the tournament.

Short-sighted vision. If you want to reach the top you have to think big and overcome the obstacles. Going around them to be smart wouldn't get you far. Luckily he's Sinner." Sinner will play the semifinal of the year-end Master in Turin against Daniil Medvedev.

The Italian won the last two matches played, in the finals of Beijing and Vienna.

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