Navratilova destroys the transgender swimmer who breaks a women's record

The former legend of women's tennis has once again expressed her opposition to the participation of male athletes in women's competitions

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Navratilova destroys the transgender swimmer who breaks a women's record
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Martina Navratilova has once again spoken out against a transgender athlete born as a man who achieved a new record in a female sport. The former legendary tennis player attacked transgender swimmer Meghan Cortez-Fields: she achieved a record in women's swimming after competing in men's competitions in past years.
Cortez-Fields broke the school record for the 100-yard butterfly with a time of 57.22, she won the 200-yard medley and individual and took second in the 200-yard butterfly.

Navratilova, through a post X wrote: "I will keep saying this over and over- this is wrong and completely unfair and quite frankly a mockery."

Navratilova and the last criticisms on transgender athletes

Some months ago I told you about another harsh statement released by Navratilova.

After that cyclist Tessa Johnson (née Michael Johnson) won in the women's 1 ⁄ 2 and single speed, while Evelyn Williams won second place in the women's single speed at the Chicago Cyclocross Cup. Navratilova argued that the inclusion of transgender athletes in women's sports was wrong and unfair.

She wrote: "And to those complaining almost all I talk about is this- it's because there are more and more male bodied trans people (males) competing against females. And winning more and more. This is patently wrong and unfair.

So I will keep speaking out, thank you,” she wrote in the post. Linda Blade answered Martina Navratilova, anwering her: "Race organizers of @usacycling need to stop calling these “women’s events”. You are fooling nobody.

These are “beta-male races” where some women get to be involved. In the process you are turning your “sport” into a joke. #Cycling #USA #UNSPORTING #Nonsense."