Navratilova destroys the newly elected Dutch Prime Minister: "He is a racist"

The former tennis legend lashed out at Geert Wilders and his alleged links to Israel

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Navratilova destroys the newly elected Dutch Prime Minister: "He is a racist"
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Another battle for Martina Navratilova, who was outraged - through a post X - by the victory of the controversial Dutch Freedom Party Geert Wilders, who took political control of the Netherlands. "I can't believe this happened...

this racist won... go figure," wrote Navratilova on X. The former Czech and US tennis legend shared a 2016 article from the Dutch newspaper, De Volkskrant, which explained how Wilders had been secretly investigated by the General Intelligence and Security Service for alleged contacts with Israeli officials and right-wing groups.

Matrtina Navratilova, a life committed to social battles

Martina is a bulwark in the fight for social equality and gender equality.

Her positions towards the participation of transgender athletes in sports are also somewhat controversial. Shortly after obtaining US citizenship Martina decided to reveal her coming out. In response to media speculation about her relationship with writer Rita Mae Brown, Navratilova became one of the first sports stars to announce her coming out.

From 1983 to 1991 she had a long relationship with Judy Nelson. Their separation in 1991 was turbulent and accompanied by a highly publicized legal battle. In December 2014 she married Julia Lemigova, her partner for several years.

Aboit her career, Navratilova is the only tennis player in the world to have won all specialties in all Grand Slam tournaments, obtaining the Super Slam, as well as the WTA Championships and the Fed Cup. Among her absolute records, she also holds that of victories in singles at Wimbledon, with nine successes, and that of the greatest number of matches played and won in singles.

Against Chris Evert, she generated one of the most famous and compelling rivalries in history: the two, in fact, faced each other eighty times, of which fourteen in Slam finals, with the tennis player of Czechoslovakian origins winning forty-three of these matches.