USA Pickleball Quiet Category improves thanks to the OWL pickleball racket

The new OWL Sport technology allows you to reduce the sounds generated and therefore play in any place

by Lorenzo Ciotti
USA Pickleball Quiet Category improves thanks to the OWL pickleball racket
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Pickleball is quickly becoming a sport that attracts a huge fan base. And, as in all other emerging sports, we find ourselves in a historical context where technology makes the difference. John McEnroe and former NFL quarterback Drew Brees took to the pickleball court alongside pros and players of all levels to showcase the new OWL pickleball racket, from OWL Sport.

This is the first USA Pickleball Quiet Category certified racket, proven to reduce noise by 50 percent.

Pickleball has recently been the source of noise problems in sound-sensitive venues across the country, due to the sound the ball makes upon impact.

USA Pickleball created the Quiet category to reduce the sound output of the sport by recognizing pickleball products that help reduce sound output during play without negatively impacting performance. OWL paddles are now available for order at

And OWL Sport, to demonstrate this, has set up a court in the Chelsea Square Refectory, originally built to house the General Theological Seminary. The OWL racket can be used to play in all places, thanks to its technology.

The OWL pickleball racket

John McEnroe, OWL Sport ambassador and 17-time Grand Slam tennis champion, told: "I think the OWL paddle technology is going to revolutionize the game of pickleball. Unlike me, it is quiet but like me the OWL really performs and you know how much I like to win!"

Drew Brees added: "It's no secret I am an avid fan and Pickleball player.

Being newly acquainted with the OWL paddle, I can say I've really enjoyed playing with it. It's a silent killer on the court, and I highly recommend it for players of all skill levels. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the difference it makes."

Jessica Warren, former D1 tennis player and top APP pro player explained: "I'm amazed at how well the OWL paddle plays - I couldn't believe the shots I was able to hit.

It feels so comfortable on my arm and my elbow, giving me the ability to play better and longer. For me as a pickleball pro, I'm not as concerned about noise. I play with the OWL because it is the best playing paddle I've ever hit. I can confidently say that anyone who plays with the OWL will instantly improve their game."