Jessica Pegula comments on people doubting her because of her wealthy background


Jessica Pegula comments on people doubting her because of her wealthy background
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Jessica Pegula says she "can't really change the minds" of other people as she just hopes that her results have answered the questions of those doubting her fire to succeed in tennis because of her background. Pegula, 29, is the daughter of Terry Pegula, who owns the NFL's Buffalo Bills and NHL's Buffalo Sabres.

Terry Pegula's net worth is estimated at $6.8 billion as he is one of the wealthiest businessmen and people in the United States. Over the years, Pegula has heard doubters saying that a player from such a wealthy background just can't have the fire or motivation to succeed because it already has everything.

But Pegula, who is ranked at No 5 in the world, has been one of the best and most consistent players on the WTA Tour over the last two years. Without any doubt, all of this would never be possible for Pegula if not for her hard work and commitment to constantly getting better.

Pegula on people doubting her because of her wealthy background

“I think everyone who knows sports or is an athlete, or is highly competitive or made it very far knows you’re not gonna get there unless you work hard and are talented and are really driven to get there.

It’s really difficult. People say that, but I think everyone who knows kind of knows it’s not gonna happen unless someone’s really a hard worker and driven. I don’t worry too much about it. I think most people get that.

Maybe some people who just don’t want to like me for whatever reason maybe will always say that. But I can’t really change their minds. I’ve worked really hard. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten here if it wasn’t for that," Pegula told Forbes, via The Tennis Letter.

In one of her interviews from 2022, Pegula acknowledged that she has probably been more privileged than other people but highlighted that she has always tried to be "a very down-to-earth person."

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