Coco Gauff trades tennis for squash: "I have zero clue what I'm doing" (VIDEO)

Watch Coco Gauff having fun while taking on a new sport.

by Claudiu Pop
Coco Gauff trades tennis for squash: "I have zero clue what I'm doing" (VIDEO)
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After she posted a video of her playing squash for the second time in her life this week, Coco Gauff, whose enjoying the end of the season break, compared the freshly-tried sport to tennis, favoring the one that made her famous.

"Haha only my 2nd time playing. My first time was over a year ago lollll. I have zero clue what I’m doing," Gauff wrote on X.

The official PSA World Tour, the home of professional squash, offered to link Coco with some pros who could teach her a thing or two about the sport.

"We know some players who could give you some tips," the organization responded on X.

Roger Federer's opinion on squash

Roger Federer had only words of praise for the sport that Coco Gauff slowly started to get the hang of.

In 2020, Federer hoped squash would be included in the same year's Olympic Games. "I think it's a wonderful sport. It's unfortunate some sports don't get the opportunity to be in the Olympics. I think squash would deserve it. They run a great tour and they have great players and characters," said Federer.

“I used to play it a lot when I was younger every Sunday with my dad. I started with a wooden racquet like I did in tennis. I've always been a big fan of the sport”. Federer met Nicol David, women's squash world no.1 in 2020.

"It was exciting. He's such a great guy and true champion. He's so down to earth. He showed us what it's like behind the scenes to be a tennis player. It's very similar to squash, so it's been great to spend time with him.. I'm a tennis fan but not a player. Unfortunately for Roger's hopes, we'll only be able to see squash as an Olympic game in 2028.

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