Martina Navratilova rips a Donald Trump's gun fanatic fans

The former tennis player, always against the former American President, harshly criticized one of his fans, via an X post

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Martina Navratilova rips a Donald Trump's gun fanatic fans
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Martina Navratilova never liked the politics of former US President Donald Trump, criticizing him both during his presidential term and after. Now the former American tennis legend has returned to talking about Trump, after a supporter of hers returned to social media to promote the free use of weapons.

With the 2024 American presidential elections, Trump will be one of the candidates of the Republican Party and, among his controversial electoral promises, one concerns the even freer use of weapons. On X, a Trump fan said she and her entire family will vote for the former US president precisely because of his electoral promise regarding weapons: "My 18 year old will get to vote for his 1st time in 2024.

His vote, his dad's, and mine will ALL go to @realDonaldTrump. Heck, our entire extended family is voting for President Trump. We are all wide awake and incredibly intelligent. We love FREEDOM, cheap gas, inflation on the decline, morality and of course, Jesus, Guns, and Babies." Navratilova scorned this comment, writing outragedly on X: "Pretty sure Jesus wouldn't have liked guns… just a wild guess."

Martina is always involved in social issues, even towards her colleagues

A few months ago, in response to a post by Patrick Mouratoglou regarding Simona Halep's doping issue, Navratilova explained: "I always wanted to give the benefit of the doubt to the athlete.

The doping issue sucks, because it concerns the only field you are in judged guilty until you can prove your innocence. As an athlete, even if legal, considering the side effects of this drug I don't think anyone would be eager to take it."

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