Caroline Wozniacki reveals her secret to success & advice she'll share with her kids


Caroline Wozniacki reveals her secret to success & advice she'll share with her kids
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Caroline Wozniacki suggests she believes in the right choices rather than sacrifices and reveals her advice to her kids that they can accomplish only as much as they dream. Wozniacki, 33, wrote Danish tennis history during the 2018 Australian Open when she became the first player from her country to win a Grand Slam.

In 2010, Wozniacki was the first Dane ever to reach the world No 1 ranking. When Wozniacki arrived on the Tour, Denmark wasn't really known as a big tennis nation. But Wozniacki had big dreams and made them all possible. “I don’t really believe in sacrifices, to be honest.

I believe we make choices for the decisions that we’re gonna make and it’s gonna put us in a position that we want to be in. I feel like I made choices along the way that could make me the best tennis player I could possibly be.

I’m very proud of that. That’s something I want to teach young kids and also my kids. That if they want to achieve something.. the size of their dream is the size of how much they can accomplish," Wozniacki told TV Azteca Deportes, via The Tennis Letter.

Wozniacki happy to see more youngsters making it in tennis

Wozniacki has done great things for Danish women's tennis and now there is Holger Rune who is determined to do big things for Danish men's tennis. Rune, 20, won his first Masters title last year in Paris and also became the first Danish male player in the Open Era to reach the top-10.

Rune has never hidden that his intention for the future is to win multiple Slams and reach the world No 1 ranking. "If you work hard and love what you do, anything is possible. Coming from a small country that had zero tennis traditions in the past and being able to achieve what I did and now seeing other young players come through from my country is pretty special.

I hope it starts another tennis tradition from Denmark and we’re gonna see a lot more kids moving forward that are gonna play great tennis from Denmark," Wozniacki said.

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