Nick Kyrgios opens up on helping depressed, suicidal people after winning his battle

Kyrgios went through the worst before experiencing the best days of his life.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios opens up on helping depressed, suicidal people after winning his battle
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Nick Kyrgios says "the most powerful thing in his career" is becoming relatable to people who are battling depression and making those same people feel free and comfortable to reach out to him and ask for help and advice.

Kyrgios, 28, went through a really dark period in 2019. When Kyrgios opened up about his past mental health issue, he admitted to "abusing alcohol and drugs," as well as self-harming himself and having suicidal thoughts. After receiving professional help and working on himself, Kyrgios turned his situation around and now he is in a much better spot and living a much happier life.

When Kyrgios went public with his story in 2022 February, his biggest goal was to help people who are struggling and show them that there is always hope. At the time, Kyrgios also told his fans and other people that they could always reach out to him in case they were struggling and needed someone to talk to.

Kyrgios: People are reaching out to me, they feel like I'm relatable

“I feel like I’ve helped so many people after I opened up about it and put it on social media. I’ve almost been a beacon for people who are struggling.

When they feel like they’re overwhelmed and they’re going towards drinking, drugs and stuff, they open up and they feel like I’m relatable. That’s been the most powerful thing in my career; people coming to me with genuine issues.

They send me photos in my Instagram, direct messages, self-harming and genuinely wanting to commit suicide. I have conversations with these people. Sometimes I’ve had phone calls with these people. That’s making a real difference and I’m just really proud," Kyrgios said on Piers Morgan Uncensored on Talk TV, via The Times.

After starting a love relationship with Costeen Hatzi in late 2021, Kyrgios also enjoyed the best season of his life in 2022. Now, Kyrgios is there to show people that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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