Nick Kyrgios candidly addresses 'trauma' of carjacker holding his mother at gunpoint

In May, a thief came to Kyrgios' home and pointed a gun at his mother while demanding the keys to the Australian's car.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios candidly addresses 'trauma' of carjacker holding his mother at gunpoint
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Nick Kyrgios admits he "can't ever heal" from the trauma of knowing that someone came to his doorstep and pointed a gun at his mother just because he wanted his car keys. In May, Australian media reported that a thief came to the home of Kyrgios' parents and demanded the keys to the Australian tennis star's green Tesla.

Kyrgios' mother Norlaila handed out the keys to the carjacker, who then drove off. Through the Tesla app, Kyrgios was able to slow down his Tesla and the carjacker was caught and arrested around half an hour after the incident.

But the trauma is still there for Kyrgios and his family.

Kyrgios on a thief holding his mother at a gunpoint

“It’s just tough. Thinking about that moment, it’s still very raw. That’s something that I never thought my career would bring, people coming to my doorstep where my family have lived for 30-plus years and you hold a gun to my mum and ask for a car.

You could take the car but the trauma that you’ve left on my mum and our family, I think you can’t ever heal from something like that. It was a horrific morning, to be honest. I just remember my mum screaming and I rushed to the front door, cut my foot on something, it was just gushing out blood and it was a disaster.

My mum’s seeing people to help her mental state over it still, and she’ll be fine," Kyrgios said on Piers Morgan Uncensored on Talk TV. In May, the alleged carjacker was hit with several charges, including aggravated robbery, driving a stolen motor vehicle, furious driving, and failure to stop for police.

In June, the man pleaded not guilty to all charges. It remains to be seen what will be the ruling in the accused Kyrgios carjacker case.

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