Photos: Tennis couple Anastasia Potapova, Alexander Shevchenko get married

Potapova and Shevchenko tied the knot a year after starting their relationship.

by Dzevad Mesic
Photos: Tennis couple Anastasia Potapova, Alexander Shevchenko get married
© Vana Sizikova - Instagram

Tennis couple Alexander Shevchenko, 23, and 22-year-old Anastasia Potapova are officially husband and wife. Through her Instagram Story, WTA world No 28 Potapova shared several stories of her friends, which revealed that she and ATP world No 49 Shevchenko tied the knot on Friday.

In the first picture posted, Potapova and Shevchenko can seemingly be seen saying "Yes" to each other.

Anastasia Potapova and Alexander Shevchenko© Alexander Ostrovsky - Instagram

In one picture, Potapova and Shevchenko can be seen posing together as Potapova is flashing her wedding ring.

Anastasia Potapova and Alexander Shevchenko© Vana Sizikova - Instagram

In another picture, the two can be seen exiting the hall as husband and wife for the first time.

Anastasia Potapova and Alexander Shevchenko© Pereverzeva_ae - Instagram

Potapova and Shevchenko got married a year after they started dating

Potapova, a two-time WTA champion, revealed in June that she and Shevchenko had been dating for around six months.

At the time, Potapova admitted that initially she wasn't quite sure how would their relationship work since the tennis schedule and demands were not something easy to handle. “We’ve been dating for six months. Obviously, I didn’t know how it was going to work because scheduling in tennis is never easy.

But somehow we’ve been able to manage it and in fact, it’s like we’ve spent every week together and we see each other a lot, which is a very good thing," Potapova told in June. As pro tennis players, Potapova and Shevchenko perfectly understand each other.

Shevchenko turned 23 on Wednesday, while Potapova will be turning 23 in March. “It’s really helpful to have someone who can support you, not just on your team, but someone you’re close to. He’s someone who not only knows tennis but also wants what is best for you.

Even if I don't play well, he’s still going to support me, so that’s very nice to have someone like this on the tour. He understands," Potapova said. Meanwhile, Potapova last played in late September while Shevchenko reached the Metz final in his last tournament of the season in November.

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