"Nadal a xenophobe, Federer a loser," Djokovic's fans shared shocking words

The supporters of the Serbian champion attacked the Swiss and the Spaniard, in response to an interview by former tennis player Younes El Aynaoui

by Lorenzo Ciotti
"Nadal a xenophobe, Federer a loser," Djokovic's fans shared shocking words
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"Roger Federer is a bad loser," or even: "Rafael Nadal is a xenophobe." hese are just some of the harshest comments shared by users on X, in particular by Novak Djokovic's fans, in response to an interview by Younes El Aynaoui, a former tennis player who said the Swiss and the Spaniard would have reacted differently to defeats than Djokovic.

"I played against Federer and Nadal when they were both relatively young and I managed to beat them both. Now I see that they are the three greatest tennis players in history, even though I never had the chance to play against Djokovic.

If we talk about self-control Rafa is the best, he never loses his head and is always focused. When it comes to beauty and fluidity, Federer is tops. It's a pleasure to have the three best in history in the same era. Kids should take them as an example.

Unfortunately, there are others who prefer to stick to the examples of Benoit Paire or Nick Kyrgios. In my case, I would recommend paying attention to everything a champion like Novak does on the court. Nole is fantastic, because he finds time to take care of the academy even before a Grand Slam tournament.

I couldn't do it. GOAT? Theoretically Novak is making more and more of a difference, he continues to add and add titles. Then we should also evaluate the behavior and the person: in this sense for me Rafa and Roger are above.

It's a personal opinion. Rafa and Roger have always accepted defeat better than Novak, perhaps that is why he has won more than them. But not everything is about the record, above all is the person," he said to puntodebreak.com.

Djokovic fans post controversial comments about Federer and Nadal

The fans did not take the words of the former Moroccan tennis player well, and left themselves with disconcerting comments - to say the least - on X. Below you can read some of the most controversial: