Drama in Adelaide: a ball girls faints on court, the tournament CEO saves her

The new CEO of the Adelaide WTA 500 Alicia Molik, saves the young girl: now she is fine

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Drama in Adelaide: a ball girls faints on court, the tournament CEO saves her
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The end of the season and the presentation of the next begins with a dramatic moment. The presentation of the new Adelaide WTA 500 director Alicia Molik has gone from celebration to nightmare. While the tournament's new CEO was answering reporters' questions on center court, a ball girl fainted and fell to the ground unconscious.

The winner of 2 Slam doubles titles, who also obtained a bronze medal at the Olympic Games, helped the girl with first aid maneuvers. The very young girl regained consciousness shortly after and was transported to hospital for further checks.

In the end, however, it was just a bad scare for everyone:. In fact, the alarm went off after a few minutes, reassuring those present.

Drama in Adelaide, but the ball girl is now fine

According to what later emerged and reported by the Adelaide Advertiser, the ball girl, named Jasmine, had just finished two uninterrupted hours of tennis.
And the intervention of Alicia Molik was providential, as she immediately took charge of the situation and saved the girl's life by clearing her airways.

Some videos of the incident circulated on social media, which naturally made fans around the world anxious and scared. "Tennis is part of my daily DNA and having the opportunity to be part of a world-class tennis event in the city where I grew up is truly something special," she said.

Alicia Molik was number 8 in the world in singles as well as winning the Australian Open and the Roland Garros in doubles. In the X post, 7NEWS Adelaide wrote. "Alicia Molik has sprung into action, rushing to help a young girl who collapsed as the South Aussie tennis legend was unveiled as the new tournament director of the Adelaide International." Below you can watch the video of what happened:

Alicia Molik