Qinwen Zheng finds new coach after old coach shockingly left her to join Naomi Osaka

Zheng has announced a new coach for the 2024 season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Qinwen Zheng finds new coach after old coach shockingly left her to join Naomi Osaka
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Zheng Qinwen has reunited with coach Pere Riba for the 2024 season after being ditched by Wim Fissette, who abruptly left the Chinese to join Naomi Osaka's team. Zheng and Riba, who started working at the beginning of the 2021 season, went their separate ways after this year's French Open.

Shortly after, Zheng started working with Fissette while Riba joined Coco Gauff's team. After the US Open, Zheng complained to Chinese media that coach Fissette "broke the contract and immorally left" her so he could start working again with Osaka.

In the meantime, Riba also split with Gauff due to "personal reasons" and now he is back to working with Zheng. "Reunited after some time apart, ready to embark on the journey together and prepare for the upcoming year. Back to the original time," Zheng captioned her Instagram post.

Zheng reunites with Riba after being left by coach Fissette

"He broke the contract, and it is very immoral.

This is his choice, and I will respect that. Even though this brings some harm to me and my family, I don’t want to talk about that person right now, don’t want to talk about him," Zheng told Chinese reporters in late September.

When revealing about coach Fissette leaving her, Zheng looked very disturbed and shocked by the entire situation. “Because during the US Open I knew he had contact with the team of Osaka. Right after the match, he said to me that he felt like he had no connection with me.

He never said that to me before. Right after I was defeated, he said that to me. I felt very strange. I talked to my manager. I asked my manager whether he will go to Osaka's team. The manager said, no, he wouldn't be that kind of person," Zheng said. With Riba, Zheng likely won't experience anything similar as they have already worked for over two years in the past.

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