Here is how much highest-paid female athlete for 2023 Coco Gauff earned

Gauff is the highest-paid female athlete for 2023, via Sportico.

by Dzevad Mesic
Here is how much highest-paid female athlete for 2023 Coco Gauff earned
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2023 US Open champion Coco Gauff is the highest-paid female athlete of 2023 with $22.7 million earned through tournament prize money and sponsorship and endorsement deals, via Sportico. Gauff, 19, had a successful season on the WTA Tour and collected $6.7 million in prize money.

When it comes to Gauff's sponsorship and endorsement deals, the American netted an impressive $16 million. Gauff, who is now the top-ranked American female tennis player, has sponsorship deals with New Balance, Head racket, Boose headphones, UPS, and Baker Tilly.

Gauff on her sponsorship deals

“From a sponsorship standpoint, we’re getting some good money compared to the men.

At least in my position. I wouldn’t say it’s more so like a contract thing. Yes, there’s still a gender gap, but I feel like now a lot of the brands want to get more women and want to be more diverse. Especially with me being a black woman.

One of the reasons New Balance was keen to work with me from a young age was because they wanted to be more diverse," Gauff said in November. When addressing her situation with sponsorship deals, Gauff suggested that she benefited from the rise of women's sports.

Also, Gauff had a message for those who doubt women's sports, saying that sponsorship deals that female athletes get clearly indicate that women's sports are respected and appreciated. “I’d say the growth in women’s sports, a lot of brands are gonna reach out to more women athletes because they see how much they can monetize from this.

I know there are some people online who act like women’s sports isn’t a thing, but people really enjoy seeing us play. I think as much as we can market ourselves, and market not just tennis, but other sports in general, it’d be better for everyone.

Not just in sports. Hopefully it can transcend into other places of work and in business and other things like that. So I’m grateful to be in that position. Especially as a black woman, doing this. I’m thankful for all the people who paved the way so I can be in this position," Gauff said.

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