Caroline Wozniacki tells thing she totally gets now but before it was stunning to her

Life has changed for Wozniacki over the last couple of years.

by Dzevad Mesic
Caroline Wozniacki tells thing she totally gets now but before it was stunning to her
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Caroline Wozniacki reveals she used to be stunned by people rushing to do things at night before she became a parent of two. Wozniacki, 33, welcomed her first baby in 2021 before giving birth to her second child last year. Wozniacki, who returned to tennis in August after three-and-half years of absence, is currently doing her best to navigate between career and parenthood duties.

“We're on the phone right now, talking here, and it's 8pm, and I'm going to the gym after, because I put my kids to bed and that was the time I had today. I used to look at the people when I was in my car driving; it was dark outside and people were out running, and (think): ‘What are people doing at 9pm, 10pm running and working out?’ And now I totally get it.

Now I understand. Now I'm one of those people (smiling)," Wozniacki said on The AO Show podcast.

Wozniacki proud of herself

In her 2023 return, Wozniacki appeared in the tournaments - the Dane competed in Montreal, Cincinnati and the US Open.

Wozniacki's return went well as she was competitive and even managed to make the US Open round-of-16. After proving to herself that she still has it, Wozniacki is proud of her body and looking forward to the 2024 season. “At the same time, I think I really also appreciate my body and what it's been able to do and how strong it is.

I've chosen to really build up some of the strength (in) a few places that were missing on my body, and really getting it into probably the best shape of my life. I didn't know where it was going to be and what was possible. For me to feel as physically great as I do, and strong as I do, I feel very proud of that," Wozniacki said.

Caroline Wozniacki