Nick Kyrgios opens up on being 'party animal' and his parties turning into 'circus'

Kyrgios seemingly tends to go pretty wild in parties.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios opens up on being 'party animal' and his parties turning into 'circus'
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Nick Kyrgios reveals he is "a party animal" but adds that his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi is the one who has the final say when it comes to whether they go out or stay home. During the Miami Art Week, Kyrgios arrived to the festival as a guest with his girlfriend. “I am a bit of a party animal.

I don’t know when to stop. I am either all out, or I am nothing at all. I know if I go [out], I am going to write off a week — so maybe I will stay in my room," Kyrgios told Page Six. Kyrgios, 28, admits he tends to go wild in parties but nowadays it is his girlfriend that has the final say.

“Every party I go to kind of turns into a circus, no matter where I am. We’ll see. My girlfriend is my boss," Kyrgios said.

Kyrgios on his 'tennis style'

Since arriving on the Tour, Kyrgios has been one of the most entertaining players to watch and one of the most interesting personalities.

Throughout his career, Kyrgios has been saying that he never goes out just to play tennis but to also entertain and make the fans feel spending their money on a ticket was worth it. “Tennis is kind of seen as this privileged, rich sport.

Where someone like myself, I had absolutely nothing going on. I made it from concrete courts. . . I wanted to bring that street style, and show you can shake up any world you want to shake up. Sport and entertainment are one. All the people that bought tickets.

They want to come watch a show, and not just a tennis match. You have to give them a bit of theatrics and stuff. I think that’s what I am good at," Kyrgios said. Meanwhile, Kyrgios is still dealing with a wrist injury and he will miss the Australian Open.

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