Nick Kyrgios makes huge confession and major hint regarding his future plans

While sidelined, Kyrgios tells fans how he feels about his career and for how long he plans on playing.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios makes huge confession and major hint regarding his future plans
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Nick Kyrgios admits he "does not really want to play anymore" but plans on playing at least one to two more years because he believes he still has something to give to the sport. Kyrgios, who will be turning 29 in April, is coming off a very challenging 2023, in which he had knee surgery before sustaining an ongoing wrist injury.

So far in his career, Kyrgios has earned nearly $12.5 million in tournament prize money. Also, Kyrgios has been a finalist at Wimbledon - the Grand Slam tournament he'd like to win the most. “If it was up to me… I don’t really want to play anymore, to be honest.

But I have to, almost. I have so much more to give. I’m exhausted. I’m tired. I’ve had three surgeries now. I’m only 28 years old. I always wanted to be able to have a family and not be in pain. When I get up, I can’t walk without pain… Even if I won [Wimbledon], people would be like, 'Now do it again.’ That's the rat-race of life.

How much is enough? I'm very content with my life, I have more than enough to enjoy," Kyrgios said On Purpose with Jay Shetty.

Kyrgios hints he will play for one to two more years

Last week, Kyrgios announced he was withdrawing from the Australian Open due to his wrist injury.

In his statement, Kyrgios said he was working on returning soon but didn't provide any specific dates. When Kyrgios returns, he will likely stay in pro tennis for just one or two more years. "Well, I think now I'm, I've kind of come to peace with, I only wanna play for about another one to two years and, and be at the top and, and go down my own terms.

Like I would hate to have another surgery or anything like that. So I think I've still got the ability to have a good one to two years and then that's it. I think I'll be at peace with everything I've achieved and, you're right.

I'm gonna have to just say, look to everyone out there who wants me to play more. You're just gonna have to be okay with me not playing anymore," Kyrgios said.

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