David Nalbandian gets restraining order filed against him after 'filming naked' ex


David Nalbandian gets restraining order filed against him after 'filming naked' ex
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2002 Wimbledon finalist David Nalbandian has had a restraining order filed against him by his model ex-girlfriend Araceli Torrado. In late November, it was reported that Torrado accused Nalbandian of installing a hidden camera in her apartment and secretly filming her.

Nalbandian, 41, dated 29-year-old Torrado between 2022 September - 2023 June. After the split, Nalbandian moved out of the apartment in which they lived together but allegedly secretly filmed his ex-girlfriend. According to The Sun, Torrado appeared in court regarding her complaint and filed a restraining order.

“It was a good step being able to talk and give my side of the story. I’ve been waiting for this moment for months, since I filed the complaint halfway through the year. I feel relieved knowing this has become public and the justice system has listened to me," Torrado said, via The Sun.

Torrado: Nalbandian could have images of me naked

Torrado claims she has been left traumatized after finding out that Nalbandian allegedly secretly filmed as she claims she "feels panic and anxiety" whenever she thinks that the former Argentine tennis star could have images of her naked.

“Nalbandian filmed me and recorded me for enough time to have footage and images of me naked and other private moments involving me, my family and my friends. I feel panic and anxiety at what he could have on his phone or on an application.

We want a court order for the seizure of his electronic devices," Torrado told Argentinian media. After Torrado's story made all the headlines last month, the model thanked everyone for their support. “In light of the questions I’ve received, due to events I was a victim of and which were caused by David Nalbandian, I want to inform you that I am carrying out the corresponding criminal and civil judicial actions. Thank you for caring and supporting me at this time," Torrado wrote in a message posted on Instagram last month.

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