Nick Kyrgios shades Boris Becker over prison time in brutal response to German

Kyrgios responds to being called out by Becker.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios shades Boris Becker over prison time in brutal response to German
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Nick Kyrgios took a shot at Boris Becker serving a prison sentence after the German tennis legend said the Australian tennis star "is not credible" to speak about certain things. In a recent interview, Kyrgios suggested that past champions like Becker would not be just as good in this era.

Former six-time Grand Slam champion noticed Kyrgios' comments and he delivered a strong response. After reading about Becker's response, Kyrgios wrote on X: "Hahahaha this bloke speaking about credibility…… last I checked you were the one hiding assets no?"

In another post, Kyrgios wrote: "Also I mean I’ve beaten, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray so I feel like I have a little credibility….

But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Novak would wipe the floor against you in your prime? Like it’s not an attack. It’s just facts."

What did exactly Kyrgios say about Becker?

Kyrgios, the 2022 Wimbledon runner-up, thinks tennis has evolved and some past champions like Becker and Pete Sampras would have a harder time winning in this era.

Also, Kyrgios admitted he is not really a big fan of listening to "old heads" giving their takes on tennis. “Sometimes it’s hard to watch these old heads kind of break down the game all the time for new fans. It’s like some of the stuff they say doesn’t make sense.

Jim Courier is really good, the way he articulates things, but some of these other people, I’m just like, ‘What are you talking about?’. Like, ‘How do you know?’ The game was so slow back then.

I’ve watched Boris Becker and I’m not saying they weren’t good in their time, but to say that they would be just as good now, it’s absurd. A big serve back then was like 197 to 200 (km/h). People like me, we serve 220 consistently, to corners.

It’s a whole different ball game. I’m not saying they wouldn’t have found their way … but serve and volley, to do it all the time now, you need to be serving 220 because if you serve anything less than 220, bro, [Novak] Djokovic eats you alive.

He eats you alive. Bro, Lleyton Hewitt destroyed Sampras one year at the US Open. That was the first prototype of someone who could return serve. He made Sampras look miserable. And what would Djokovic do to someone like Sampras? It would be a cleanup. If Hewitt was doing it, Djokovic would destroy him. He would eat him alive," Kyrgios told The Athletic.

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