Leylah Fernandez reveals why she chose Montreal for the preseason

The Canadian revealed how the unique energy in the city fuels her determination

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Leylah Fernandez reveals why she chose Montreal for the preseason
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Leylah Fernandez was the superstar of the Billie Jean King Cup Final. Thanks to her performances, she helped her team Canada beat Italy and win the competition for the first time in its history. The former US Open finalist is preparing for the start of the upcoming 2024 tennis season, and she revealed that she will be doing her preseason in her hometown of Montreal.

Leylah told that training in Montreal awakens his memories and passion for her. Through an Instagram post, she explained: "I wanted to give a little insight into why I chose to return to my hometown Montreal for the pre-season.

Training here isn't just about the shots, but also the memories engraved in each shot. These are the places where my passion for tennis was first ignited. Returning is like turning the page and continuing the journey that brought me here.

There is a unique energy here that fuels my determination. Every practice, every race is a wink to the deep roots. Waiting for 2024!"

Leylah talks about the difficulties faced in 2023

The Canadian analyzed her season, highlighting what didn't go well.

"It wasn't a very good season for me. I would give myself a 4 out of 10 if I'm honest. I lost my identity on the tennis court. I wanted to change my tennis and that didn't help me. I lost a lot in the first and second rounds, but I'm very lucky to have parents who were honest with me.

My father and my coach, Jorge, told me that I was lost on the courts, that I no longer had as much fun as I used to. During training sessions with my father I began to rediscover the pleasure of playing good tennis. I wasn't just thinking about hitting the ball hard.

I started having fun with volleys, drop shots and slices. I think that showed at the end of the year with a singles title," she said. The BJKC triumph seems to have lit a fire inside her again: "It gave me a lot of confidence for the pre-season, to start competing again, train and hope to play well in 2024."

Leylah Fernandez