Nick Kyrgios tells haters what he'd like to do if he had opportunity

Kyrgios is no stranger to criticism and scrutiny.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios tells haters what he'd like to do if he had opportunity
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Nick Kyrgios thinks if he had a chance to sit down with all of his haters and tell his side of the story they would probably change a perception of him. Kyrgios, 28, has been one of the most criticized and scrutinized players in the tennis world over the last decade.

During his appearance on Jay Shetty's podcast, Kyrgios opened up about his journey and highlighted several times that he is a deeply caring person who is always looking out for others and trying to help. On the podcast, Kyrgios also admitted that "the bad boy of tennis" label was one of the reasons why he fell into a very dark spot in 2019.

Over the last few years, Kyrgios has managed to improve his public image. But the 2022 Wimbledon runner-up still receives criticism and very negative comments on social media.

Kyrgios: I'd like to sit down with my haters and tell my side of the story

"I don't know.

I feel like if people really understood my journey, then they wouldn't be so pushy, I think. And like, if I just sat down with all my haters and we had like a nice meal together and I gave them my side of the story, I think they'd have a better understanding and they wouldn't be so like, they wouldn't criticize or be so like aggressive towards me on social media or just in general.

So I feel like maybe if I do win Wimbledon and like it's, I was so close and I don't even really love the sport. Like I'm only doing this because I love taking care of my family, my people, and I want to do this so I can prove that no matter how much more of an underdog you are, you can achieve something like winning Wimbledon.

Like that's, I never thought in my mind that I'd be capable of doing that. And look, maybe you are right. I know that even if I did that, people are going to be like, all right, now do it again," Kyrgios said on Purpose with Jay Shetty.

Meanwhile, Kyrgios won't be making his comeback at the start of the 2024 season as his ongoing wrist injury forced him to miss the Australian Open.

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