Karolina Pliskova shares retirement, motherhood plans

Pliskova, 31, struggled with injuries in each of the last two seasons.

by Dzevad Mesic
Karolina Pliskova shares retirement, motherhood plans
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Karolina Plsikova, 31, has hinted that the 2024 season could possibly be her last year in pro tennis and also revealed her plans to have a child by 35. Pliskova, a two-time Grand Slam finalist, was 22-19 before shutting down her season in late September due to a left wrist injury.

Throughout 2023, former world No 1 Pliskova struggled with consistency and she didn't have any back-to-back wins in the second part of the year. Pliskova, now ranked at No 38 in the world, battled injuries in each of the past two seasons but she is leaving the door open to potentially staying in pro tennis for another two or three years. "Getting up every day and training is getting harder and harder.

I notice my body is more tired than, say, three years ago. But I'm not saying that another two or three years aren't possible. It's also possible that next year could be the last. I'll play through it and then reassess at the end," Pliskova told iSport.

Pliskova on if her wrist injury is healed

When Pliskova decided to end her 2023 season in September, her goal was to return to being healthy for the 2024 season.

Pliskova's wrist has since made progress but the former world No 1 admits it still hasn't fully healed. “Not at all, but there is still some time left in Australia so I hope it will be good. I'm not the youngest anymore, I have to deal with such injuries.

Mainly the hands and wrists are worn. I've had a problem with them my whole career. It always healed somehow and I didn't have to miss many tournaments. But now I've decided to take a longer break to recuperate so that I can start the next season without pain," Pliskova said. It remains to be seen how will Pliskova do in 2024.

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