David Nalbandian's ex-girlfriend has shared shocking new revelations

Araceli Torrado shares new sensational words to the Argentinian media

by Lorenzo Ciotti
David Nalbandian's ex-girlfriend has shared shocking new revelations
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The story becomes more murky, intricate and with truly sinister outlines. Araceli Torrado, David Nalbandian's ex-girlfriend, has released shocking new revelations about the assault perpetrated by the Argentine tennis player.

The girl also requested a restraining order against him. The girl testified against Nalbandian in Court and, following her testimony, shared sensational words to the Argentine media: "David Nalbandian filmed me and recorded me for enough time to have shoots and images in private moments involving me.

It generated anxiety in me to know that he has me on his cell phone application and I couldn't have the answer as to where my privacy. I want to rest assured that it is not in the hands of a depraved person. we once again insisted on the restriction measure.

In one of my last communications with him, he told me that he was going to look for me. I had to move to bullfighting."

What happened

The first complaint made by the girl against Nalbandian was dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

However, the story had further developments, which allowed the woman and the lawyer Martin Olari to have a Court intervene to start the investigation. Audio and messages were presented. Nalbandian admitted in these tracks that he had positioned the camera.

Via Szeta also released the details of Torrado's complaint, with some very harsh statements: "I had been with Nalbandian since September last year. When I began to interpret his actions, I decided to separate in July this year.

What seemed like an amicable breakup was becoming messier by the day. He persistently claimed me and monitored my movements and activities. I started to get scared when the building security guard confessed to me that Nalbandian had asked him for the security cameras to see my movements.

In June we noticed something strange in the room, I was with my brother. My brother noticed a strange glow behind the apartment's internal ventilation. The terror it caused in me was indescribable: not only did they look at me, but they could see me without clothes."

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