Casper Ruud bluntly rips critics who 'live a very boring life'

Ruud was criticized by some for attending The Weeknd's London concert in the middle of Wimbledon.

by Dzevad Mesic
Casper Ruud bluntly rips critics who 'live a very boring life'
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Casper Ruud has ripped critics who live "a very boring life" as the Norwegian has zero regrets over going to The Weeknd's concerts. For this year's grass season, Ruud decided not to play any tournaments leading up to Wimbledon.

Before Wimbledon, Ruud had a fun time as he attended two of The Weeknd's concerns in Europe. At Wimbledon, Ruud made a winning start after beating Laurent Lokoli but then suffered a surprise loss to Liam Broady in his following match.

After his Wimbledon singles, Ruud also attended The Weeknd's concert in London. Following Ruud's early Wimbledon exit, some accusing the Norwegian of "not taking the grass season seriously." “I’m happy I got to see him three times this summer and honestly I could’ve watched him three times more no problem.

I’m a big fan and just love the concerts and the visuals that he brings to the concerts. It’s incredible and when you watch your favourite artist perform there’s almost no better feeling in the world. So people might question whether I took grass court serious enough or what but it’s 10 pm.

We have a life outside of tennis as well. If people are going to question whether going to a concert or not is the best thing, they have a very boring life I think," Ruud said.

Ruud on how he gets himself hyped up before matches

In the locker room, athletes usually listen to music to get themselves hyped up for matches.

When it comes to Ruud, he described his playlist as a mix of everything and revealed that he likes to watch videos of The Weeknd's concerts. “A little bit of a mix but this year I’ve been to three of The Weeknd’s concerts so I’ve rewatched many of them many times.

It’s really cool to go to concerts, you get the adrenaline going in a completely different way so just rewatching videos from a concert gets you really going so that’s been the music of the year for me and next year let’s see what happens," Ruud said.

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