Naomi Osaka shares the first glimpses of her Brisbane outfit

The Japanese will finally come back on the court, in 2024, after her maternity

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Naomi Osaka shares the first glimpses of her Brisbane outfit
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In 2024 the Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka will finally come back to play on the WTA Tour. The 4-time Slam winner has been absent from the courts since the tournament held in Osaka (Japan) in September 2022. The Japanese stopped for the whole of 2023 as she became mother of her first daughter, Shai, with her partner, the rapper Cordae.

In a recent interview for InStyle, Naomi talked about how her life changed following the birth: "In the past I had distanced myself from tennis, but this time it was the longest of my life. And I think it gave me a perspective like: Hey, you're not going to play tennis forever and you have to value the years that you can play.

I want to be a good role model for Shai and I want her to understand that this was an important chapter in my life." Osaka went on to talk about being a mother and explained: "Moms are superheroes, but they're also people.

As a child I always saw my mother as so independent and strong, but now that I think about it she must have been so worried all the time, I can't imagine how stressful it was."

First glimpses of Naomi Osaka: what she will dress in Brisbane!

Osaka has also found the coach who led her to win the Australian Open and the US Open twice: Wim Fissette, who interrupted the collaboration with the Chinese Zheng Qinwen. The Belgian talked about Naomi's tennis future, declaring: "She really wants to see how good she can be.

Her approach is unrivaled." Then the coach underlined the Japanese girl's great will and motivation for this return to the WTA Tour: "Time flies. Obviously she wants to be ready in January. It's a clear sign of a champion." Meanwhile, through an Instagram post, Osaka shared the first glimpses of the outfit she will wear at Brisbane 2024.

"Just got my match kit," Naomi wrote. The shoes especially stand out, very particular and imaginative, and truly delicious. Also Nike shared a post on Instagram, writing: "Naomi Osaka is a sports and culture figure whose journey resonates with millions of fans.

Her new collection features imaginative staples constructed with fabrics and ideas pulled from her experiences in New York and Japan."

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