Watch: Paula Badosa funnily drops marriage hint, Stefanos Tsitsipas chuckles


Watch: Paula Badosa funnily drops marriage hint, Stefanos Tsitsipas chuckles
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Stefanos Tsitsipas couldn't help himself but chuckle after Paula Badosa seemingly dropped a marriage hint after their first-ever mixed doubles match. Badosa and Tsitsipas, who publicly confirmed their relationship in early June, made their mixed doubles team debut on Thursday at the World Tennis League in Dubai.

Their first match went great as Badosa and Tsitsipas defeated Daniil Medvedev and Sofia Kenin. During an on-court interview, Badosa funnily remarked that she would "get a divorce" from Tsitsipas if they lost. "I mean, I think this was a test, either we get divorced, or this goes better, and better, so that was the test today," Badosa said on the court.

Tsitsipas reacted by saying: "You mean break up. I was thinking since when I was married, but apparently, there are some hints there. But it was amazing, it's a pleasure to be sharing the court."

Tsitsipas thinks he and Badosa have something 'rare' going on

Since starting their relationship, Badosa and Tsitsipas have been speaking very highly of each other and their relationship.

Early in their relationship, Tsitsipas declared Badosa his "soulmate." In October, Tsitsipas explained why he believes he and Badosa have something "rare" going on. "I honestly think that even if we wouldn't have been tennis players, we would have found the same passion and love for each other.

It just happened to come from tennis, which is a beautiful story because my journey started from tennis and her journey started from tennis. I feel like we so much belong to each other, it's one of a very rare thing and I feel like, I don't want to sound cliche or cheesy but that's how it is.

It's difficult to find a person that's going to understand the life of a tennis player and subscribe to it and say 'This is what I want to do' and in the case of Paula I feel like, there's nothing that is misunderstood or not in the same path, clear and certain," Tsitsipas said at the time.

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