How much Naomi Osaka earned in 2023 after being highest-paid female athlete in 2022?


How much Naomi Osaka earned in 2023 after being highest-paid female athlete in 2022?
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Naomi Osaka ranks at No. 5 on Forbes' 2023 list of the highest-paid female athletes in the world despite not playing any tournaments this year. This year, Osaka missed the entire season due to pregnancy but still earned $15 million through her sponsorship deals. 

In 2022, Osaka was the highest-paid female athlete for 2022 with $51.1 million earned. Last year, Osaka made $50 million in sponsorship deals and $1.1 million in tournament prize money. A year after being the highest-paid female athlete, Osaka finds herself at No. 5 ranked below Iga Swiatek, Coco Gauff, Emma Raducanu and freestyle skier Eileen Gu. Considering that Osaka is returning to tennis in 2024 and that she will probably be able to do more work with sponsors next year, she will likely earn a lot more in 2024. 

Osaka aims major things in 'chapter No. 2'

Ahead of her post-pregnancy comeback, Osaka has made it very clear multiple times that her daughter Skai will be her biggest motivation to do well in her return. Osaka, who turned 26 in October, had something she wanted to share with fans ahead of her comeback. 

"For everyone that supported me throughout the years: Thank you. Thank you for believing in me and thank you for putting up with me. I know we've shared some really amazing memories and I also know that I've done some things that I wish I would've handled differently (lol). Regardless of all that, thank you for allowing me to grow up on my own time and thank you for showing me a ton of patience. I don't know what I did to deserve you all but I'm so extremely grateful. Very honored to be going on chapter 2 of this tennis journey together and I'm so excited to see you guys next year," Osaka wrote in a message posted on her X account in mid-December.

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