Daria Kasatkina, 26, reveals Maria Sharapova remark she now perfectly understands

Kasatkina has been on the WTA Tour for 10 years.

by Dzevad Mesic
Daria Kasatkina, 26, reveals Maria Sharapova remark she now perfectly understands
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Daria Kasatkina, 26, says she now perfectly understands why Maria Sharapova once said that after finishing her duties on the court she felt like leaving the office. 

Kasatkina, who turned pro in 2014, has been on the WTA Tour for an entire decade now. In 2016, Kasatkina had her first full year on the Tour and since then she has been among one of the better players in women's tennis. 

"Let’s start from a small preview. When I was younger haha…when I spent the first full season in WTA in 2016 I remember my first big tournaments and GS. I was so impressed and inspired like a child during Christmas time. You’re so happy with everything. I spent all my time on site: playing matches, watching other’s matches, hanging with someone…I loved that atmosphere so much. And it filled me a lot. But unfortunately nothing lasts forever. Year by year everything is the same: the tournaments, location, vibes, people…and you treat it like your job," Kasatkina said in a conversation with Elis Kostik.

Kasatkina: I agree here with Sharapova...

After so many years of traveling and competing throughout the entire year, Kasatkina explains that everything has pretty much become a routine for her. As a result, Kasatkina now views everything tennis-related as just her job and the excitement she felt at the beginning is far gone. 

"I just grew up. Being on tour for 10 years my attitude changes: I know that at the end of the year I travel to Australia, I know where’s my hotel, tennis club, the best breakfast and everything. I got used to it. I agree here with Maria Sharapova who said that she just does her job being on courts and then she leaves 'the office'. I also connect my attitude transformation that at one period it gave me energy and later I spend more energy than I get. That’s why I come to the tournaments very focused: I practice, play matches, do media parts and everything that I have to do and after it I’m leaving the site to recover and recharge my battery. I don’t know about every player but lots of whom I discussed this moment agree with me. At the beginning everything is new and it’s your childhood dream but later you get used to everything," Kasatkina said. 

Meanwhile, Kasatkina is starting her 2024 season at the Brisbane International. In Brisbane, Kasatkina will be making her fourth appearance.

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