Emma Raducanu opens up on always taking risks, being perfectionist and hard worker

Raducanu candidly opened up in an interview with Tatler Asia.

by Dzevad Mesic
Emma Raducanu opens up on always taking risks, being perfectionist and hard worker
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Emma Raducanu describes herself as a hard worker and perfectionist and admits she is the type that believes taking the risk is always worth it. 

Raducanu, who turned 21 in November, achieved major success early in her career as she stunningly became the first-ever qualifier to win a Grand Slam at the 2021 US Open. 

During the 2021 US Open final against Leylah Fernandez, Raducanu's serve to the wide wasn't working as well as usual. But when serving out for the match and having a match point, Raducanu went for that serve that wasn't working particularly well up until that moment. Raducanu delivered a great serve and she ended up sealing a straight-set win over Fernandez for her first Slam win. 

“For some reason they were all going out. In the end, I just went for it. It’s always worth taking the risk,” Raducanu told Tatler Asia.

Raducanu on being a hard worker, perfectionist

After winning the 2021 US Open, Raducanu started to struggle heavily with injuries. In May, Raducanu had three surgeries but she has since recovered and is ready to return to action in Auckland. Raducanu admits she loves to work hard but highlights that knowing when to take a break is also very important.

“I think anyone who’s actually worked with and around me knows that I’m a really hard worker. It’s true that if you put in the hours and hours and hours and hours, it’s going to get you there. But at some point, you get diminishing returns, and it’s just not the most efficient way to train or learn, and knowing when to pull back and actually work smarter is when you get more out of yourself and better results," Raducanu explained. 

Raducanu is also a perfectionist but she is learning to be nicer to herself when something doesn't work out perfectly.

“If something’s not perfect—and I’m quite a perfectionist—I’ll be nicer [to myself ] and just say, okay, it’s fine. And sometimes when there’s so much going on, I will put everything on pause, because I know now that’s how I’m going to get the best out of myself," Raducanu said. 

Emma Raducanu