"What the hell is that?" Alexander Bublik takes a dig at Casper Ruud

In the last episode of All on the table, the Kazakh joked with the Norwegian

by Lorenzo Ciotti
"What the hell is that?" Alexander Bublik takes a dig at Casper Ruud
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The format proposed by the Ultimate Tennis Showdown with Alexander Bublik, Benoit Paire and Casper Ruud was a success. The event on the court definitively ended with Jack Draper's victory, but the exhibition tournament recently launched a program that is causing quite a bit of discussion among fans due to the themes touched on by the protagonists.

In the last episode of All on the table, Casper Ruud, Alexander Bublik and Benoit Paire reunited for a decidedly special Christmas dinner. The three spoke on various topics and expressed their opinions, which created quite a few discussions on social media due to the tones used.

The Kazakh player joked about Casper Ruud's path to the 2022 US Open. The Norwegian, surprising everyone and going beyond even personal expectations, managed to win another Grand Slam final in the United States.

Bublik joks woth Ruud and Paire

The 25-year-old from Oslo talked about his journey and the sensations he felt match after match.

In the first round he overcame the Edmund obstacle and then defeated the Dutchman Tim van Rijthoven in the second round. The former top 10 player underlined how important the match against the American Tommy Paul was, who he was able to beat with a clear 6-0 in the fifth set.

Then the next opponent was the Frenchman Corentin Moutet and at that point Bublik went wild: "What the hell is this a draw? Moutet in the fourth round, and who was in the quarterfinals? Pedro Cachin," he said, laughing about it.

Even the two table companions couldn't hold back their laughter.

We recal, as we wrote on our previous article, the Kazakh took a dig at Bernabé Zapata Miralles: "I like training, the problem is when you enter the pitch and you have Zapata Miralles screaming in your face.

Dude, calm down, what are we playing here? Look at the tournament information sheet, you will lose in the second round!" A sentence that made the other two guests burst out laughing, especially the French tennis player, who added: "Maybe he can reach the quarter-finals." Almost an hour of discussion and laughter, with the three tennis players enjoying dinner and telling some really interesting stories.

Alexander Bublik Casper Ruud