Coco Gauff will wear an amazing outfit at the Australian Open 2024

The @melanie_lautrup X account shared what will be the outfit of the American in Melbourne

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Coco Gauff will wear an amazing outfit at the Australian Open 2024
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Coco Gauff rewrote her personal history in tennis, winning the 2023 edition of the US Open at the age of 19, fully becoming the heir of Serena Williams. The young American confirmed the good things seen last summer on the US hard-courts also in 2024, winning the ASB Classic in Auckland (New Zealand). The American, who will turn 20 in 2024, after four years of hope, finally managed to establish himself as one of the stars of the world tennis scene. Her climax arrived in the last part of 2023, in which Coco won the titles in Washington, Cincinnati and at the US Open, right in her home Major.

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The extraordinary season of the world number three allowed her to become the highest paid woman in the sports sector with 22.7 million dollars, in a ranking dominated by tennis players. Following the fantastic results on the court, combined with activism and social battles, People has included Coco among the 25 most intriguing women on the planet. Gauff said she was quite surprised by this decision. There is no classification of these 25 women but each one has done something to be on or off the field to enter this ranking.

Through her Instagram account, Gauff published a story, commenting amused on the situation: "It's nice to note that People consider me like a celebrity and quite intriguing, but I'm not like that.I'm a simple girl who crochets, watches anime, and plays Fortnite all day when I'm not busy working out or working. I appreciate this thank you and it's really nice to be included in this list, I appreciate it."

The amazing outfit Coco will dress in Melbourne

Meanwhile, after the victory at teh ASB Classic 2024, Coco is preparing for the Australian Open. Just now, the outfit that the very strong US player will wear in Melbourne was released by @melanie_lautrup account. It is a yellow sleeveless top with blue inserts, a skirt with a sensual x-shaped design of the same color and the same inserts, all signed by the New Balance brand. The other outfit is essentially the same, but in reversed colors, with blue predominant.

Coco Gauff Australian Open