Filip Peliwo shocks: "There are still tennis players who live by fixing matches"

The Pole also talked about all the troubles that the lowest-ranking players have to face

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Filip Peliwo shocks: "There are still tennis players who live by fixing matches"
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The Polish tennis player Filip Peliwo talked about the serious economic problems suffered by tennis players who play the Challengers and ITF tournaments, who therefore have a low ranking. In an interview with Peliwo underlined how many tennis players, in order to survive, fall into match fixing.

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In fact, it is a topic of discussion in the tennis world regarding the remuneration between the protagonists of the ATP Tour and those who play at a lower level. After the Indian Sumit Nagal, it was Peliwo who told his story.

Filip Peliwo denounces the situation that many tennis players experience

Due to a series of injuries, Filip experienced a negative season which also affected his economic situation. "My bank account balance is in the red this year. Luckily I had some money saved from other times, because in 2023 I spent much more than I earned. I need to raise my level a lot because if I maintain this ranking it will be impossible to live exclusively from my professional tennis career.If I were to have a serious injury and run out of money, I would consider coaching other tennis players and competing too," he explained.

Peliwo expressed his own thoughts on match fixing: "When I'm on the court I can easily see the people who are there to bet. The situation has improved a lot in recent years. This season I received a somewhat strange sponsorship proposal. He encouraged me to learn more. It didn't take me long to propose that they let me win a match, and in exchange they gave me between 3,000 and 5,000 euros. I immediately informed the tournament director and the Tennis Integrity Unit. I am convinced that there are players who make a living by fixing matches. In fact, when they tried to convince me to collaborate they told me that they have many top 600 tennis players who work with them, but I think that even in Challenger level tournaments there are guys who allow themselves to be bribed. There has been a great improvement in the detection of these practices, but I would say that at most 20% of those who do it are caught." 

Finally, he spoke about the abuse he suffered on social networks. "After every match I receive threatening messages on social media network.I have never replied to anyone, I simply block whoever sent me that message. It doesn't cause me great emotional stress, but logically it's not something I like to experience, it takes away my energy because after every game I have to read those things and block anyone who says them to me. I got used to it, but I understand that there are other tennis players who have difficulty doing it," he said.

Filip Peliwo