Fans criticize Djokovic, claiming Federer's aversion for him is due to Nole's family

Users on social media did not share the Serbian's words towards his former Swiss colleague

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Fans criticize Djokovic, claiming Federer's aversion for him is due to Nole's family
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"I know that Roger Federer definitely didn't like the way I behaved at the beginning. I don't know what the others thought. I guess I wasn't the kind of guy that the strongest people like, because I wasn't afraid to say: I want to be the best player in the world.

I was confident and felt like I could back up what I was saying through my game. I have never disrespected other tennis players. I always greet my opponents before and after the match, and I recognize their value.

Respect is a value that I was taught and which must always be present regardless of what happens on the pitch. Criticism fueled my character. Of course, when I make a mistake, I'm always ready to apologize. But when criticism comes for no particular reason, then I continue in my direction. I knew and still know today that I can't please everyone for who I am, how I play and how I behave.

We are all different. Shelton? I actually don't mind his confidence level at all. I think it's great, you always have to believe in yourself. I 100% support a young tennis player who takes to the court, like Dino Prizmic did the other night, believing he can beat the best. There is, however, an invisible line that should not be crossed. When a player crosses this line, he starts to get annoying."

With these words, in the post-match press conference after the victory against Tomas Etcheverry, Novak Djokovic revealed what many had speculated for some time regarding his difficult relationship with Roger Federer.

Djokovic and Federer
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Fans rip Djokovic for his words about Federer

The words released by the Serbian have - obviously - triggered comments from users on social media. The fans are divided into two factions: those who support Djokovic and those who support Federer and Nadal.

Some fans did not agree with Djokovic's words. In fact, many users claim that Federer can't stand the Serbian because of the words shared some time ago by Nole's family, especially his father, Srdjan Djokovic. "The king is dead, long live the king," wrote, after the son's victory at the Australian Open against the Swiss Maestro.

Below are some of the harshest comments shared by users on X:

In a recent interview for Time, the Serbian champion had already spoken about Rogr Federer and Rafael Nadal's aversion for him. "There was no room for three. In all the most famous sporting rivalries it's always about two people, not three. In football it's Ronaldo or Messi.

So I understand that this is probably one of the reasons why I was excluded. I wasn't afraid to say I wanted to beat these guys, to be number one. I said it when I was a teenager and I think a lot of people didn't like it, including them, so they immediately kept me out of it and judged me a lot.

Also for my attitude, of reiterating that I am better than them, I will be the best. I knew someone with this kind of mentality would be polarizing. One group of people will say: I like his confidence, but others will think: Look at this arrogant idiot."