Chris Evert at the 3rd cycle of chemo: "Halfway there"

The legendary American tennis player underlined once again how early detection is crucial

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Chris Evert at the 3rd cycle of chemo: "Halfway there"
© Chris Evert Instagram account

Last December, Chris Evert revealed that she had once again resumed her fight against cancer, leaving all her fans shocked. The former US tennis legend, almost two years ago, had spoken of first-stage ovarian cancer.

"Even though this is a diagnosis I never wanted to hear, I once again feel fortunate that it was caught in time. I will try to be ready for the rest of the Grand Slam season," said the 18-time slam champion. Evert is currently busy working with sports broadcaster ESPN, but she will temporarily leave to take care of her health.

Now, the legendary American tennis player has given an update on her health status via an Instagram post, which shows her undergoing her 3rd round of chemo. A photo that further worries the media and fans, but at the same time also gives hope

"On my third round of chemo; halfway there. A reminder to get checked out, know your family history, and be an advocate for your health. Early diagnosis is key! It doesn't hurt to have a good support system like me do so," wrote Evert.

Evert defends Djokovic from criticism

In recent months, Chris have taken the defense of the Serbian star Novak Djokovic, often teased for his excessive thirst to excel from a statistical point of view.

"In my view, it doesn't matter where his desire to win comes from. The fact is that he surpassed both Nadal and Federer and should be admired for his achievements and his records." Evert therefore wanted, in some way, to defend the number one by recognizing everything he has done for the world of tennis.

I have the impression that when you watch Djokovic play, you are watching the Master. There is no one like him. Over the last 50 years I have seen and studied all the champions of this sport. I have never seen anyone like Novak Djokovic. The combination of mental, physical and emotional strength he applies to each strike is unparalleled. It's time to truly appreciate this man," she explained.

Chris Evert