Rick Macci compares Coco Gauff to Serena Williams: "Two gems cut from the same stone"

The former coach of the American tennis player shared a post in which he highlighted some similarities between two US tennis players

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rick Macci compares Coco Gauff to Serena Williams: "Two gems cut from the same stone"
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Coco Gauff took control of her destiny last year, when she won the first Major of her young career at the US Open. The American star also started 2024 on the right foot, winning the ASB Classic in Auckland and reaching the quarterfinals at the Australian Open 2024, where she will face Marta Kostyuk tomorrow.

Rick Macci published a post on X in which he shared his admiration for Coco and for the legendary Serena Williams. The former coach of the 23-time Slam champion said how Coco and Serena are two gems carved from the same stone, he also praised Gauff's speed, comparing her to that of an Olympian.

"Coco Gauff is an Olympic sprinter with a racket in her hand. Serena Williams is an Olympic champion with a racket in her hand. Both are gems cut from the same stone."

Even before her victory at Flushing Meadows, Coco was widely considered Serena Williams' heir. And today that belief has increased even more. The young US tennis star can aspire to have an extraordinary career. Talent, age, mental strength, physical explosiveness: it's all there in her.

And, talking about Gauff and Serena Williams, Coco responded to media questions regarding an alleged eulogy to the 23-time Slam champion.

"Yeah. When I saw that post I texted my agent. I was like, I don't remember ever saying that. Then the person replied or something and it was a fake post. Their account said not to take things seriously. Then I realized it was fake. That wasn't the thought process behind this. I love Serena and I think she has the best style on the court and off the court and everything in between. So yeah, it wasn't an homage to her, but it was funny the way that post circulated," she explained.

The legendary Martina Navratilova also talked about about Coco. In an interview with Tennis Channel, the 9-time Wimbledon champion revealed how she herself wasn't as mature as Coco at 19. Navratilova also praised Gauff's way of approaching matches.

"And that's just huge for someone so young. I know I certainly wasn't that mature at 19, so kudos to her and her team. I mean, she's a good listener but she still has to be able to do it with her head and controlling it well, fantastic.

I really like the way she takes it one game at a time. It's an old cliché, but it's the only way to get there. And so, I know she's not looking forward because you can see it from the way she carries herself on the court, the way she plays or is focused. She just thinks about the next point," explained Navratilova.

After beating Magdalena Frech, reaching the quarterfinals in Melbourne, Gauff expressed all the joy: "I'm super happy with this first quarter in Melbourne. After stopping twice in the round of 16 I'm happy to get over this step. I hope I can keep moving forward."

Coco Gauff
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Previously, Gauf answered questions from the media starting from the music she listens to before taking thecourt.

"Before I go on the court, I listen to Jaden Smith's Icon. I try to listen to some energetic rap music to energize me. Sometimes I get a little nervous before games, which I haven't done in the last couple of rounds. Music has always been a way to calm my nerves or boost my energy if I'm feeling a little tired, or calm my power."

Gauff also highlighted the change in her mentality and her brother Codey's influence: "Yes, I think the biggest thing I talk about with Codey is the mentality of the sport. Tennis is that sport where you have to lead yourself, not others. Codey told me: pretend you have to win three sets instead of two. If you put your mindset to the max, then it seems easier, I guess, in a way.

He told me this a year ago. He always stuck with me because, for example, I think at the French Open I felt like we were so close, and I became tense. At the US Open he seemed so far from the first point of the match, literally until the end of match point. Because even though I still had a game to win, I was like, okay, you have a whole other game to win. I think tricking your mind relaxes the body because your mind controls your body. You have to trick your mind a little."

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