Rohan Bopanna got a historic milestone that rewrites men's tennis history

The Indian tennis player achieved an incredible goal, at the 2024 Australian Open

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rohan Bopanna got a historic milestone that rewrites men's tennis history
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Rohan Bopanna, along with doubles partner Matthew Ebden, rewrote the history men's tennis. The Indian tennis champion, thanks to reaching the doubles semi-final at the Australian Open 2024, will become, from next Monday, the new ATP No.1 doubles

The 43-year-old Indian tennis player will become the oldest world No.1 ever in the history of ATP men's tennis. In the semi-final of the men's doubles, Bopanna and Ebden will meet the doubles team formed by the Chinese Zhang Zhizhen and the Czech Tomas Machac.

Bopanna will turn 43 years and 332 days old on Monday, just when the rankings will be updated. The previous record for the oldest doubles number 1 is held by the American Mike Bryan, at 41 years and 76 days. In singles the record is Roger Federer who returned number 1 at 36 years and 314 days, holding the position for a week. Djokovic is 36 years and 247 days old today.

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Bopanna: "It's been an incredible 20 years"

“I think yoga in a way not only strengthened my legs, my body, but also made me calmer. I don't feel anxious on the tennis court. I spent four months sitting at home due to Covid, trying to figure out what to do. That's when I discovered yoga. I mean, it's always been there in India but I had never tried it. Luckily I found a place right next to my house. So during the pandemic I could just walk, go about four times a week, do sessions of about 90 minutes," said Bopanna.

"It's been an incredible 20 years and today reaching number one in the rankings is an extraordinary feeling that makes me proud. It probably hasn't sunk in yet, it's thanks to the entire team. India needed it, Indian tennis needed it need. There is so much love and support from the entire country, I am grateful for all the support of two decades. I think this is from me to give something back to everyone in India," he said at the press conference.

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