Jelena Dokic's pretty sad revelation about what abusive father once told her

Dokic was physically and mentally abused by her father, which led her to the point of contemplating suicide.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jelena Dokic's pretty sad revelation about what abusive father once told her
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Jelena Dokic has made a pretty sad and shocking revelation, saying that she made an attempt to reconcile with her abusive father but then was told that he "would do it all again."

Dokic, who was just 17 when she made the Wimbledon semifinal in 2000, was one of the biggest talents of her generation and looked like someone who was destined for big things in the game. While Dokic got off to a strong start to her career and broke into the top-10 by 2002, behind the scenes she was dealing with constant physical and mental abuse by her father. 

Around that time, Dokic started falling into a very dark place and it stopped her rise. In one of her interviews from that time, Dokic accused her father of "wrecking my career." Although Dokic won one more WTA title before retiring, she was never the same player. 

After retiring, Dokic published a book, in which she detailed the horrifying and terrifying abuse from her father and how it led to her contemplating suicide.

After losing in the 2000 Wimbledon semifinal, a 17-year-old Dokic was abused and thrown out of the hotel room. Also, there were moments when Dokic would get physically beaten by her father despite winning a match.

Jelena Dokic
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Dokic: I attempted to reconcile, he told me he would do it all again 

"I last had contact with him about 10 years ago. And yeah, I even tried to reconcile with him once or twice," Dokic told The Sydney Morning Herald.

"I think no matter what happens, you kind of hope that maybe you can kind of salvage a relationship when it comes to family.

"Those dynamics are always very difficult. But it's very hard when someone doesn't have any remorse or can't say sorry.

'"In fact, what he says is that he would do it all again. So, for me, that is very, very hard. 

"I had to make a cut and go, "I don't need a toxic person or a toxic relationship in my life."

Jelena Dokic
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When it comes to her relationship with the rest of the family, Dokic revealed that she has "a great relationship" with her brother. Also, Dokic revealed that after "some tough conversations," she and her mother are also back "in a good place today."

Jelena Dokic