Sinner could end up with idol Lewis Hamilton as his Ferrari coach

The news of Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari surely made Sinner happy.

by Claudiu Pop
Sinner could end up with idol Lewis Hamilton as his Ferrari coach
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Given that two months ago Jannik Sinner, a declared car enthusiast, got an indirect invitation from Ferrari to learn to race with them, the Italian could end up with Formula 1 champion and idol Lewis Hamilton, who will join Ferrari in 2025, as his short-term coach.

But let us explain. Toward the end of last year, the freshly crowned Australian Open winner paid a visit to Maranello’s Enzo Ferrari Museum. There, as explained by Ferrari's Daniele Bresciano, Sinner did a lot of things, such as:

  • Going over the history of the Prancing Horse, Ferrari's logo;
  • Discovered how each Ferrari is handmade;
  • Glanced at some of the finest models.
Yet, the most exciting experience for Jannik was getting behind the wheel of an SF90 Spider Assetto Fiorano, which he drove on a track with Head Development Test Driver Raffaele De Simone on the copilot's seat.

“It was the first time for me and it was an amazing thrill. In both this model and the Purosangue I felt enwrapped in the car, as if it were an extension of my body. A bit like my racket: only very much bigger,” Sinner said following his experience.

At the end of the video above, Sinner asks De Simone if he can recommend him a good racing course. "Here, with us!" Ferrari's employee said promptly. Wondering if Sinner will accept the proposition? Probably, given his passion for cars.

Jannik Sinner© Kelly Defina / Getty Images Asia Pac

"When I’m behind the wheel, the detail that gives me the biggest thrill is the sound. And the sound of a Ferrari is always something unique. But here in Maranello, I was struck by the attention that goes into every detail and that makes each Ferrari individual, whether it’s the livery, the seat, or even the trim," Sinner said to Ferrari.

Now, let's see how could Hamilton meet Sinner.

Lewis Hamilton to join Ferrari in 2025

Lewis Hamilton© Mark Thompson / Getty Images Europe

As Ferrari said in a press release published on the first day of February, the British racer Lewis Hamilton "will be joining Scuderia Ferrari in 2025, on a multi-year contract."

Shortly after the announcement, Hamilton paid tribute to the team he joined in 2013. “I will be forever grateful for the incredible support of my Mercedes family, especially Toto for his friendship and leadership and I want to finish on a high together,” he said.

“I am 100% committed to delivering the best performance I can this season and making my last year with the ­Silver Arrows one to remember”.

Sinner and Hamilton, a valuable duo for Ferrari

With two champions like Jannik Sinner and Lewis Hamilton on their contacts list, Ferrari would be careless to not think about a marketing stunt involving the two.

And let's not forget that Sinner already said that he would trade his life for Hamilton's.

Now, Sinner's rival Carlos Alcaraz also has ties with Ferrari.

Ferrari's driver Charles LeClerc attended the 2023 edition of Wimbledon and got interviewed.

"Let's make that happen," Alcaraz commented after Wimbledon's social media account suggested he should give Charles some lessons.

Read more: Alcaraz is ready to train Ferrari's "excited" Charles Leclerc. Nevertheless, there is a tennis player who would never buy a Ferrari. As previously reported, Dominic Thiem's father said that his son is too wise when it comes to spending money to indulge in things like luxury cars or watches.

Contrarily to Dominic's way of spending, Andy Murray confessed he had made some bad investments, like buying a Ferrari. "When I started to do quite well on the tour I thought I’d treat myself with a bright red Ferrari," said Murray as quoted in an article we published in 2016.

"However, I had to pay an incredible amount to get insured on it and, after a couple of weeks of driving it around, I realized it wasn’t quite my style."

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