Boris Becker's ex-fiancé recounts learning through press that German was dumping her

In 2008, Becker was 40 when he got engaged to a 24-year-old Alessandra Meyer-Wolden.

by Dzevad Mesic
Boris Becker's ex-fiancé recounts learning through press that German was dumping her
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Alessandra Meyer-Wolden candidly confessed that she was pretty shocked and blindsided after learning through the press that Boris Becker was calling quits on their engagement and leaving her.

In 2008 August, Becker - who was 40 at the time - proposed to a 24-year-old Meyer-Wolden. But just three months later in November, German tabloids reported that German tennis legend Becker and Meyer-Wolden were no longer together. 

Way before starting a love relationship, Becker and Meyer-Wolden got to know each other as Meyer-Wolden's father Axel was Becker's long-time manager before passing away in 1997. 

In ITV's Boris Becker: The Rise and Fall, Meyer-Wolden started to reflect on her relationship with Becker by revealing that she "felt safe" with Becker and "trusted him like a family" considering her family's long-time ties with the former six-time Grand Slam champion. Also, Meyer-Wolden admitted she felt at the time that hers and Becker's love story was "a fairytale."

Meyer-Wolden on learning Becker dumped her via the tabloids 

In 2008, Meyer-Wolden and Becker went together to Miami so the former world No. 1 could visit his two sons from his first marriage. According to Meyer-Wolden, she got "very sick" shortly after the Miami trip and "Becker was not happy with that."

"I didn't know where he was. So of course I called and of course I messaged. The message that I wrote to Boris said: 'Well, if you're not answering and you're not communicating with me, I guess our engagement is off?' Meyer-Wolden added in the documentary. 

"He took that message, took it totally out of context, and with that message went to the Bild Zeitung (tabloid newspaper) and said, 'Look, this horrible, young 24-year-old girl broke up with me Boris Becker over text.'

"The way that I found out about our engagement being off was through the headline in Bild Zeitung of Boris portraying himself as a victim, cleaning up his image so that he would look good

"To this day, I've never spoken to him again. So he threw me under the bus."

Boris Becker and Alessandra Meyer-Wolden
Boris Becker and Alessandra Meyer-Wolden© Getty Images Entertainment - Alexander Hassenstein

After breaking up with Meyer-Wolden in 2008, Becker started dating Dutch model Sharlely "Lilly" Kerssenberg the following year. The pair soon got married and had their first child in 2010 before divorcing in 2018.

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