Coco Gauff praises Patrick Mahomes for Super Bowl win: "Unreal!"

Despite Coco is not a Chiefs fan, she praises the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs for his amazing performance simply unreal

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Coco Gauff praises Patrick Mahomes for Super Bowl win: "Unreal!"
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Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl by beating the San Francisco 49ers in overtime 25-22T. Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to the fourth victory in their history, the second in a row, to the delight of Taylor Swift!

It was a very balanced match, with the defenses being the protagonists especially in the first half. San Francisco 49ers good at blocking their opponents, forced to a field goal by Harrison Butker. The Californians then concluded the first half of the game at 10-3 thanks to a touchdown by Trent McDuffie which arrived in the second, fourth complete with an additional point from Jake Moody preceded by the field goal of the same 49ers placekicker. Second half of the Chiefs super with Travis Kelce and super Patrick Mahomes. The overtime win was deserved.

The young American star Coco Gauff explained how, even though she is not a Chiefs fan, Mahomes' performance in the Super Bowl final was simply unreal.

"I'm not a Chiefs fan, but Mahomes is just unreal," she wrote via an Instagram story.

"My first Slam success made me responsible"

In an interview given at the end of January, the young tennis player opened up about her rise and the importance of making decisions, even praising her father.

"I think it was always my father who made the decisions. He now he took a step back into the role and simply said: I'm here if you need me, but I won't make decisions for you but I can give you advice. There has never been any negative reaction.

I think that's just how they always raised me, slowly allowing me to see behind the scenes and teaching me. I have a lot to learn. I would say the end of last year was kind of the beginning of really giving myself more off the court," she told.

"I did track and field and basketball. I think I would have been good in the 400 meters. The only time I'm on the track is for cardio, and we're doing a lot of that. Maybe I'll talk to my athletic trainer about it and see if he can do a session just to see what my time would be.

I'm explosive. I think the 400 would have been my race. This off-season we always try to include cross-training. I did a little swimming, a little running. I always knew tennis would be my passion.

I always advise parents and just kids not to put yourself in a box so early, even if you know what your main sport will be. You'll be surprised how helpful other sports can be. Another person I know who played another sport was Ben Shelton.

He was a quarterback. His service is incredible. Since I was eight years old, my father made me throw balls. I think this just helps your movement and muscle memory," explained Gauff.

Finally, Coco concluded by comparing the path at the US Open 2023 and that of these Australian Open 2024.

"At the US Open, every match I won was basically like a fight. I played against top-ranked players. This is why I had so many long games. Sometimes I think I don't know if it's the ideal way to win a Slam because you have to last seven matches.

Going into this, I always had the goal of trying to do better in the first couple of rounds by not stressing my mind and body too much. I'm 19 now, but I probably won't always be able to recover so quickly physically and mentally. Everything I do has always been about the longevity of my career, making sure I can have a long career," she analyzed.

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