There's still hope for Berrettini: "I'm better but patience is needed"

The Italian has been experiencing the darkest period of his career, which does not seem to be recovering. But perhaps now there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the touching message addressed to his fans is proof of his strength

by Lorenzo Ciotti
There's still hope for Berrettini: "I'm better but patience is needed"
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There is still hope (we hope!). There is a light, far away, towards the end of the very long tunnel. But the strength to get up and never give up is a prerogative of this boy, who wants to get up again after a dark period, to show those who have harshly and unfairly criticized him in recent months that he still has the strength to compete against the best.

Matteo Berrettini wanted to thank his fans for their constant support, publishing three Instagram stories and speaking directly to his fans about his state of health. The Italian explained that he can't wait to get back on court and that he is working hard to achieve that goal.

Matteo Berrettini
Matteo Berrettini© Kelly Defina / Stringer Getty Images Sport

There's still hope for a moving Berrettini

"Hello, guys. For some time now I've needed to make a video to thank the people who have been helping me over the last few months, which certainly haven't been the easiest of my career.

With great commitment I am trying to overcome this moment and get back on track to have fun and do many beautiful things. The most important thing is to thank you for the help you are giving me, for the messages of comfort and support from all the people who love me beyond the results.

It's something I wanted to do. I didn't want to put out a colder press release or social post. I think this is the easiest way to reach everyone. You are helping me like never before. It's my idea: it wasn't organized by anyone.

My press office and my agents probably won't be very happy, but I think that's the beauty of social media. I wanted to tell you that I'm fine, I'm better, and that I'll be back on the pitch soon. I'm training intensely and I need to have a little more patience. This is my message, it's something I did spontaneously. This is me," said Berrettini.

Matteo, as he himself specified, did not choose a press release or a cold post on social media to update everyone on his current state of form. The Italian tennis player probably needs to feel the affection and warmth of the fans to overcome the most complicated moment of his career.