Tennis "prodigy" Zendaya reveals personal video diary in new Challengers trailer

Have a look at the new trailer and Zendaya's behind the scenes footage.

by Claudiu Pop
Tennis "prodigy" Zendaya reveals personal video diary in new Challengers trailer
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To incite her fans, famous actress Zendaya added a personal video diary from the set of Luca Guadagnino's upcoming tennis-related movie Challengers to the film's new trailer, which landed on 21 February. The new trailer amassed over 2.5 million views on YouTube alone in the first two days of launching.

Have a look at it. However, the above trailer doesn't contain Zendaya's personal video diary. The actress only shared it on her social media accounts. "CHALLENGERS trailer 2… + a lil something special. In theaters APRIL 26th," Zendaya captioned the trailer and the diary found at the end of it.

In the video diary, Zendaya shares scenes showing her:

  • Practicing and posing on the tennis court;
  • Interacting with her co-stars, especially with Mike Faist and Josh O'Connor;
  • Footage of the same co-stars learning to hit tweeners.
The diary ends with the words "to be continued." Find the diary at the end of the trailer found in the embedded post below.

We looked into the comments left by the people who watched the trailer and most of them loved it and praised the director's work.

However, many mocked Zendaya's boyfriend Tom Holland. "Spidey: Mr Stark, i don't feel so good..." one YouTube user commented. "Tom holland replaying this over and over and over again," another user wrote. In Challengers, Zendaya plays the role of Tashi Donaldson, "a former tennis prodigy turned coach who married to a champion on a losing streak.

Her strategy for her husband's redemption takes a surprising turn when he must face off against his former best friend and Tashi's former boyfriend." Zendaya is a praised actress with 2 Primetime Emmys and is mostly known for portraying Rue Bennett in the TV series Euphoria, MJ in the latest Spider-Man movies, Anne Wheeler in the Oscar-nominated The Greatest Showman, and Dune.

Before Challengers, however, Zendaya will appear in Dune: Part Two, which is set to be released on March 1, 2024. On Thursday, Zendaya attended the movie's premiere in Seoul.

Zendaya and other co-stars from Dune: Part Two© Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images AsiaPac

Let's not forget about her apparition at the World Premiere of Dune: Part Two.

Zendaya at the World Premiere of Dune: Part Two© Joe Maher / Getty Images Europe

Challengers is a "fizzy" movie

Challengers' film director Luca Guadagnino expressed his opinion on the movie that's set to hit the theaters on 26 April.

“I don’t want to think much about Challengers,” Guadagnino admitted as we previously reported on his IndieWire interview. “I think those three characters in that movie are beautifully complex and really f*cked-up people that I love very much.

And a sports film, why not? It’s hyperkinetic, and I do films, so it’s great,” said the director. The director, speaking to IndieWire, also described 'Challengers' as “a fairly fizzy, s*xy movie about the world of tennis”.

Here's the initial trailer for the movie, which should have launched in September 2023 but got postponed as a result of the SAG-AFTRA strike. Read more: Zendaya's sensual tennis movie Challengers suffers major delay. It's worth noting that Luca Guadagnino is a specialist in making romance movies, especially ones exploring same-gender relationships.

As proof, Guadagnino's movie Call Me by Your Name earned an Oscar nomination in 2017. "In 1980s Italy, romance blossoms between a seventeen-year-old student and the older man hired as his father's research assistant," the movie's IMDB description reads.

Zendaya pointed out what Guadagnino's greatest strength is when it comes to filmmaking. "What Luca's really good at is finding sensuality and desire. There's so much in just glances. The tension builds. Not having the release is a good thing sometimes," she told Empire as we previously quoted her.

US Open winner Coco Gauff's opinion on Challengers

The 2023 US Open winner Coco Gauff is excited about Zendaya's upcoming Challengers movie. Gauff commented on the last two Instagram posts shared by Zendaya in regards to Challengers.

"Can't wait," Gauff wrote on 2 January. "So excited," Gauff reacted to the new trailer. Besides Gauff, Serena also reacted when the movie was announced. "So excited for this," Williams commented. It remains to be seen how good the movie will be and whether it's going to earn an Oscar nomination, or better, a win, as King Richard did.

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