The new man in Simona Halep's life is former soccer player

Who is the man Simona Halep now trusts after dumping husband Iuruc and coach Mouratoglou.

by Claudiu Pop
The new man in Simona Halep's life is former soccer player
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After divorcing her millionaire husband Toni Iuruc and severing bonds with Patrick Mouratoglou, Simona Halep, who lately has been training in Dubai, put her trust in a new man, her physiotherapist Sabin Topala. Topala helps Simona prepare for a possible comeback and other events, like the Sports Festival exhibition the Romanian will attend with Andrei Pavel, Andre Agassi, and Steffi Graf.

Read more: Halep to come back on the court in match against Agassi and Graf. Besides their professional connection, the Romanian press observed a friendship. For example, when Topala posted his latest Instagram picture, Simona Halep liked it immediately.

You can see the post below.

On top of that, in January Halep helped Sabin Topala celebrate his 28th birthday.

The two went out to a restaurant with the other physical therapist in Halep's team, Yutaka Nakamura. Sabin revealed all this with a picture posted on his Instagram Stories.

Who is Sabin Topala

Sabin Topala is a former Romanian soccer player who now leads the physiotherapy team of the Kinetic Sport & Medicine clinic.

The clinic advertises itself as "the most modern kinetotherapy and physiotherapy clinic in the Romanian private health system." When it comes to soccer, Sabin hasn't had much success. Playing for Unirea Slobozia, he managed only 6 appearances in Romanian's second professional league.

When it comes to his collaboration with Simona Halep, he first appeared together with the former Wimbledon champion on Instagram in November, in Dubai.

Since then, Simona has been frequently posting stories from her training in Dubai.

Halep and Topala are just friends for now

Although she may be enjoying her time training and sometimes relaxing with her team, Halep does all of this to be ready to compete when her suspension ends.

"The nightmare that I have lived for a year and a half has finished. I had the chance to present my defence in front of TAS to show that I never did any kind of doping. This is what I have said from the first day that I was accused," Halep wrote in a message posted on her Instagram.

"Now I am waiting for the decision with my head held high and I wanted to thank you my fans, players, former players, legends of this sport, my sponsors and everyone else for your amazing support. "All the messages and videos that you did for me during this harrowing time that I had.

I thank you for your unconditional trust. This support has meant the world to me and gave me strength to keep fighting each day to show the truth. "I will share the news about my case with you all as soon as I receive it. I wish you all the very best, good and truth always prevail." There is no official statement from Halep about having a more intimate relationship with Sabin Topala beyond their professional one.

However, after being, as Kim Clijsters recently pointed out, manipulated by Mouratoglou, Sabin is likely a breath of fresh air.

Mouratoglou Halep© Julian Finney / Staff Getty Images Sport

"For me the biggest red flag is the team.

I can't believe there are no consequences for the team, but only for the athlete. It was her team that suggested taking that supplement, taking it without any hesitation. You should trust your team, you should trust the people around you.

You think they're going to do the right thing, that they're doing the right thing. And this is what ends up happening to them. For me it's a case of manipulation. A situation, especially in the case of a woman, in which coaches take responsibility.

It's manipulation, I can't find another word for it, for them to take control of everything that happens around an athlete," Clijsters said on Andy Roddick's podcast as we reported. Given she trained so much in Dubai, Halep would have surely loved to play in the Dubai Open that recently ended with the crowning of Jasmine Paolini.

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Yet, there's always next year if she manages to reduce her suspension.

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