Melissa Satta hits Berrettini with a dig? The words are surprising

The beautiful Italian showgirl published a post that seems to be aimed at throwing a dig at Berrettini, after the end of their love story

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Melissa Satta hits Berrettini with a dig? The words are surprising
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"Melissa and I are no longer together. We have a beautiful relationship, we have great respect for each other. I won't go beyond this because I don't like talking about my private life. I thank you for this beautiful year."

The rumors of recent weeks were confirmed by Matteo Berrettini. The Italian tennis player announced in a special press conference a few days ago that he and showgirl Melissa Satta have broken up. After about a year their love story ended, which caused many users on social media to clash.

Berrettini is ready to return to the court after months of stopping due to physical problems. "I thought the question would come," said the Italian.

But it seems that their situation is more complex than it seems, after the separation. In the last twelve months there has been a lot of talk about them, almost always for what happened off the court and never for the results. Everyone has expressed their opinion on the matter, but Matteo recently clarified this through an interview on Zoom with some Italian media.

While the Italian prepares for his return to the field in Phoenix, the showgirl returned to social media and did so with what for some appeared to be a dig at her ex-partner. Melissa posted Instagram Stories that saw her busy during a heavy workout on the tennis court. No comment on Berrettini but a very surprisng and explicit message.

"You can't understand how hard it is. My tennis coach, after an hour of practice and a thousand balls, tells me: match point. Slowly...," she wrote.

Melissa Satta and Matteo Berrettini
Melissa Satta and Matteo Berrettini© Lionel Hahn / Stringer Getty Images

The beautiful Italian showgirl has recently received accusations from the Daily Mail, from which she decided to defend herself through an Instagram post, in which she also issued legal threats towards the Mail.

"And here I am - writes the former showgirl - once again forced to assume my self-defense before the tribunal of the media inquisition, without having committed any crime, nor any behavior characterized by moral reprehensibility. Nothing!

This time the press (and I apologize to those who practice the journalistic profession with awareness, commitment and preparation, if I use a term that associates them with those who use the printed paper as a mere exercise in social profiteering), regarding my discussed breakup, not he failed to make the news more enjoyable with the obvious aim of selling some paper copies or earning a few more clicks, defining me with disgusting words.

Now, know that just having to write about myself reporting a definition that deeply tears me apart requires enormous psychic strength because it seems to me that I find myself catapulted into the dock, forced to defend myself in a perverse system in which the presumption of innocence does not apply, but that of guilt, whereby, based on this reverse burden of proof - if I am not able to prove facts in my defense - I will be deemed guilty," she wrote.

Berrettini: "I would do everything again without changing anything"

"I would do everything the same again, because if I look back on my career I smile, if I look back for me it's all a victory, then it's obvious that one can think that one can always do better, but with the ifs and buts I struggle, in the In my life I have experienced many situations in which I felt proud of what I did. No, I wouldn't change anything because I'm happy with who I am, the player I am, and what I've done in my life," 

That were the words shared by Berrettini during the press conference organized to update fans on his physical condition.

The Italian revealed that he will return to compete at the Phoenix Challenger, where he hopes to do well and then confidently enter the ATP Masters 1000 qualifying tournament in Miami. The collaboration with Francisco Roig, Rafael Nadal's former historic coach, could play a decisive role.

"He is a very technical coach, so we are also working from a technical point of view, how to hit the ball, many small details, it is really interesting work because it includes my tennis at 360 degrees. It gives me new fundamental stimuli to take to the court, I'm feeling very good, I have great energy."

In the world of sport there is a tendency to very easily erase from one's archive of memories deeds capable of provoking strong emotions. An uncomfortable exercise that unfortunately has the power to make normal what has nothing normal.

As if giving Italian tennis its first singles success at the ATP Finals was any result. As if becoming the only Italian to reach the Wimbledon final was an everyday thing.

In the case of Berrettini, specifically, some comments do even more injustice to the strength demonstrated on the field. The Italian has always had to deal with injuries and has almost never managed to find the continuity that would have at least ensured him the possibility of defending himself directly on the court.