After Federer, Lindsey Vonn crowns Nadal and Djokovic the GOATS!

The former ski star joked with some fans on X, talking about the GOAT issue

by Lorenzo Ciotti
After Federer, Lindsey Vonn crowns Nadal and Djokovic the GOATS!
© David Becker / Stringer Getty Images Entertainment and Lindsey Vonn X account

After crowning Roger Federer as the GOAT forever, Lindsey Vonn hailed Rafael Nadal as the Greatest Of All Time. The former skier, one of the strongest and most beautiful athletes ever, is a great friend of the Swiss Maestro, so much so that a few days ago she shared a ski trip with Federer.

Describing the meeting on X, Lindsey made it clear that Roger was the GOAT. A comment that sparked Novak Djokovic's fans and triggered a series of (very unfair) controversies towards Vonn.

Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal
Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal© Getty Images Entertainment - David Becker

After The Netflix Slam exhibition, in which Nadal lost to his young countryman Carlos Alcaraz, a fan tagged Lindsey Vonn in a post asking:

"Okay first it was Roger, now Nole, when are you going to tell us that Rafa is the GOAT for you?"

Lindsey, answering the question ironically and humorously, wrote:

"Yes, it is! Hahaha. I think the Big 3 are GOATS. Their impact on sports cannot be denied. Besides, it's just my opinion, so!"

Subsequently, just a few hours ago, Lindsey posted a photo together with Djokovic, reiterating her thoughts on the GOAT

"Hanging around with the GOAT, and yes, I believe he is the GOAT. Contrary to what Twitter believes, I think there may be more than one. But Novak Djokovic holds the record and I have nothing but respect for what he has got it... and he skis!" she wrote.

...But first there was the controversy with Novak Djokovic's fans...

Lindsey Vonn was for years the leading athlete of the US national ski team, among the most successful athletes in the history of this sport.

The former skier is also a tennis enthusiast, as well as a big fan of Roger Federer. Vonn has always expressed her respect for the Swiss legend, who retired at the Laver Cup 2022.

The two former champions spent a day together on the snow, immortalising their descents in some videos on social media. Vonn accompanied her post with a message of esteem towards the 20-time Swiss slam champion, expressing her opinion regarding the debate on the GOAT.

“Usually the people you admire always disappoint you in one way or another, but not Roger. Rog is the embodiment of a true sportsman and a champion in every sense. We have talked about skiing together for so long that I wasn't sure it would happen....But here we are: retired, skiing and enjoying life!

Thanks for this memory Rog. You and your family are truly unique and, regardless of what the statistics say (or Leo lol), you are the GOAT forever, because it takes more than numbers to have the kind of impact you have, I'm just one of millions. Cheers my friend," she wrote.

A comment that unleashed the fury of Djokovic's supporters, who harshly attacked (and I repeat, unfairly, everyone is free to have her preference) the skier for not having recognized Djokovic as the GOAT.

Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn© Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff Getty Images Entertainment

Lindsey defended her words after all the criticism that followed her post. The former skier was forced to delete her post, specifying not to let her negative comments cloud his memory of her with Federer.

"I had to do it, I just didn't want the negative comments to ruin my memory. Everyone goes crazy when the term GOAT is used. Roger Federer can be my GOAT, no matter what anyone else thinks. The post wasn't a comparison, it was a tribute to my friend, who had a great impact on my life.

My GOAT may not be your goat and there will always be debate, but opinions are just that, opinions, and everyone is entitled to them GOAT or greatest of all time is a subjective title. What makes someone great? Is it the statistics? Are they records? Is it the impact? Is it the character? Is it all of the above? People have differences of opinion and that's okay," Lindsey said.